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#166442 [SUPER SHORT NOTICE] Firetails, Firetails & MOAR Firetails

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 16 May 2018 - 07:54 PM

everyone clearly knows that the best firetail fit is plated T2 trimarks, 2 webs scram ab, duh (Everything I say is a lie also, and most importantly I know enough to know I know nothing)



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#166129 Hello again... (sort of)

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 04 April 2018 - 02:22 PM


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#166076 I Continue the donations now.

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 22 March 2018 - 11:51 AM

And Soooo Up next I have 6 possible welps.


3 Marauders


3 pirate battleships,


I will randomly assign each to numbers 1-6, roll the dice and that is the one I undock.


if there's interest from blues to hunt it anyways.. :D

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#166063 I Continue the donations now.

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 19 March 2018 - 12:24 PM

As you know. recently: https://zkillboard.com/kill/68742131/


and now i just sold a char for 45 bil so EXPECT MORE!


Hopefully lewt fairy will be saying: OH GAWD YES often. :D

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#165981 18 Months + of game changes - Catch me up!

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 08 February 2018 - 02:22 PM

Um so like really the only thing I can think of that was probably mentioned before is carriers can no longer launch regular drones or geckos even though geckos are fighter variants and energy neuts received a massive nerf with damage controlls now being passive.


And as well, all hulls now come with 30% resist on hull by defualt and dcus changed to +30 resist on hull, so it is now viable to full gank fit things with no dcu or just no dcu for other things. Well more viable anyways.


Edit Oh also now there are slot 11 drugs, for speed tank and damage that are 3% 5% or 7%, which makes full gank battleships especially varguars or vindicators even more uber with +7% damage drug and all the other things you can add.

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#165939 Ophelia is back?

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 24 January 2018 - 05:49 PM



pew pew pew pew


I sometimes even try to sound like i know what I am doing in low! and then everyone dies!

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#163214 Well Done Us....

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 02 December 2016 - 10:11 PM

Lol I had to buy the logi I donated lolol
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#161374 Your Shiniest Loss

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 27 August 2016 - 11:32 AM

Yea nice job. IMA going to uh go ahead and take a break from losing shinies. Cough.
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#159178 Fabergé egg siege

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 10 April 2016 - 12:38 AM

19 bil, I think, I win the contest?



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#158608 Fabergé egg siege

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 09 March 2016 - 03:07 AM

In the hopes of having the Shiniest loses ever by an RvB Member in RvB Space Harley David and I will be Commanding two mother ships, one by me in Blue and one by him in Red. (Gosh willy I hope his is shinier than mine :D )


Which side can kill the others first!  Well, then, the mother ships will be defended by a fleet of tech 1 down Cruisers each, whos will survive longer is only up to the fleet defending and how fast you can reship, AND you will want to reship for a chance of getting some of the shiniest lewt dropped in RvB EVER.


Tech 1 cruisers down, Logi needed, Stealth Bombers not allowed, T2 logi frigs allowed, we will need links and maybe someone to fraps it.

All other RvB rules apply, No Podding, No midslot ECM Etc.


Event will be at a moderate Safe in Yria on 04/09/2016 at about 23:00 eve time (Saturday night USA Prime time)


If any one mother ship survives more than 10 minutes up shipping will be allowed. 


So have at least 3-5 cruisers in Yria and 1-2 bcs in Yria ready to go, all other non-T2 ships allowed, and you can bring faction/pirate.


I was originally going to have prizes, but after I made the Diamond Egg I had no ISK left, sorry's!! [Yes it is that Shiney]

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#154867 Impressions of a newbie PVPer

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 11 September 2015 - 02:07 PM

by looking at the ship to see what hardeners its using you can generally choose the best ammo type or drones..


E.g. a blue glowy shell over the hull is an invuln field so choose em ammo if you have a choice.

sandish moving waves on the hull are armor hardeners so choose explosive if you can (generalities)


Also, look through and memorize how guns look on the hulls, if a ship is using the biggest gun it can it usually means it has almost no tank, that can help you decide how or if to engage in a situation.


Also memorize the slot layouts for common ships, that way if you see no active hardeners you can generally assume how its tanked.  e.g. ships with alot more mids than lows are usually shield fit or ships with more lows than highs are generally armor tanked.


if you look at a ship and see it has no guns (usually a vexor or armageddon) you can safely assume it is all neut fit in which case you need to use a ship that doesnt use cap to fire or has alot of cap boosters to counter the neuts.

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#153891 How To Fund Your Ship Explosions

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 11 August 2015 - 04:51 PM

RvB Alt: CelaQulundeO


Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been an official staff member of the Valhalla Project, So please read their website carefully and if you do not understand something ask the fleet over team speak comms.  All fittings and fleet operations are fc choice.



Unless you are one of the few individuals that can just buy a lot of PLEX every month you need a fast, relatively safe way to make much ISK to fund your ship explosions!? Right?


Well how would you like to make at least 120 Mil and 28,000 Concord LP points per hour? ( This is the minimum I have ever made with tvp, good fleets do upwards of 200 mil per hour)


Mining is slow and boring, as well as very poor isk per hour

trying to do PVE sites in null or low or wormhole space can be very risky and requires alot of dscan Spamage and paranoia.

Even Blitzing high sec L4s with the most efficient ship won't net you more than 80 mil per hour. (unless your super pro and have a lot of stimulants!!)

Who has the Real life money to buy 10 plex a month?! LOL


So if you would like to make at least 120 million isk per hour plus 28,000 concord LP, READ THIS POST AND ALL LINKS WITHIN IT!!



Their In game Chat Channel: "The Valhalla Project".  They for the most part run "HQ" Headquarters type of site.

Open the website with in game browser to view the fits expected to be used and guides on how to run incursions.



What you will need is the following:

1. A Character that is not at war and not in faction warfare (most people make their own corps for this)

2. Team Speak 3 and a microphone, This is mandatory, you must be able to listen to the fc over comms, staff and fcs are not required nor will they probably type everything to you, you must listen to them over teamspeak.  https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

3.  One of the following ships, Shield fit, nightmare, Vindicator, Macherial, basilisk or Schimitar, Logi 5 preferred on the logistic ships.  All fits are on the website and if you go to the channel in game they will help you fit it right.  They only allow T1 ships with Tech 2 fits if you are new and don't have the ISK yet, the tech 1 variants they ONLY allow are also listed on the website.


This is an English Speaking Fleet.

This Fleet is SHIELDS ONLY they will not accept armor fitted ships. (Armor fleets run slower because of less damage per second)

This PVE Content for TvP is run in High Sec.

All locations of fleet, team speak connection information and other guides are listed on the website listed here and in their game chat channel.


Other Incursion communities: 

DYN: Mostly russian armor fleet

just warp to me: english speaking, shield fleet (runs very slowly compared to TvP, This Community is a great choice if your VERY LOW Skill points or cannot afford faction/deadspace fits)

ISN (Interstellar Shiney network): Runs very fast, no poor fits excepted, shield fleet mostly English speaking.

And there are other I won't list I only mention this because it can be difficult to get into a TvP fleet because of how fast they run sites and how good the pilots are, also, you may not get in if you are using a NON-ADVANCED FIT, though they will let you in long enough to spend isk on upgrading your fits.



This Community also runs Vanguard and assaults type of incursion sites from time to time, so if you prefer those sites or that style they also have those fits listed on the website.  They make less ISK per hour but can be run faster and with less people in fleet, which is an alternative if you have less time or cannot get into the HQ fleet.



If you like to make that much ISK please follow the guides and fits required on the Valhalla Website listed in this post and goto the in game channel.  Once your fit is made we use a website wait list to choose how people get into fleet and filter out terrible fits or under skilled pilots, All this is listed in the MOTD of the in game channel.


So now you say, well a minimum of 120 Mil an hour plus 28K LP isnt that much to what you can do in wormholes or site exploration in null sec, well that's true but, high sec incursions are a lot safer and more consistent ISK in flow because you do not depend on good drops or spawn mechanics as much.


AND Loyalty points: Most individuals buy the concord +6% variant implants with the LP they gain for quick ISK as they can be sold for at least 500 mil each (if you get lucky you might be able to sell them for 700 to 900 mil, Don't expect that to happen very often!).  Which is not a profit considering LP cost + isk cost. So if you look at some other LP stores and do some basic math you can get 2-3.5 to 1 ISK returns on certain LP items.  Netting your billions upon billions of ISK for selling the right items.


There have been some items, which I wont tell you what they are they I have gotten a 3.71 to 1 ISK Return ratio on lately.

Since I started TvP incursions 5 months ago I have made over 30 bil isk with some casual less then 4 hours a day play. I lost count after 30 Billion ISK.


Somewhere like 2-3 high grade sets, 12-18 plexs, countless skill books, a freighter and countless ships and shinies... (Losing 5 geckoed vnis in a month just pennies in the bank!!)


Selling your Loyalty Points: If you do not want to figure out what items to buy on your own there is a on game concord LP channel where you can negotiate with others on selling your lp for about 1100 ISK or more per LP point, how it works is you tell them your total LP amount then they tell you which faction to goto and what items to buy from that LP store, you then put in the agreed on price (asking price for contract) and contract the items to them.  Most people wait until they have at least 5 MILLION concord LP before doing this.


And thus, welcome to ISK printing Online, you now have enough ISK to lose shinies you never imagined fitting. ENJOY!



Shameless Self Promotion: For 100 Mil each recommendation, I will tell you what Lp store and items to buy that give at least a 2.2 to 1 isk return on. :D ( whatever isk + lp you spend on it, you get 2.2 TIMES the isk back after selling)


A lot of people don't realize that if you just sell the 6% implants you get from Concord, most are selling at 500 mil which is a net gain of ZERO isk, because 250 mil + 250K LP, if you get LUCKY you will net 1.25-1.75 ISK to 1 returns on these implants.

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#152635 Shipping Appropriately - Communication is Key

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 25 June 2015 - 03:12 AM

Also, if you make a low/null sec roam you MUST make it a purple fleet where both reds and blues can join, however, low sec and null purple fleets really should not be formed if there are players on both sides that are active, (Unless it is a scheduled event)

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#151649 I won EVE guys.

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 04 June 2015 - 07:58 PM

Confirming that you win EVE by not playing it..

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#149807 Teach Nitro

Posted by C11H17NO3 on 10 May 2015 - 01:01 PM

I am assuming most people are using windows 7 or windows XP or gosh willy VISTA, there are several simple things you can do to speed up performance.


Main 2 being turn off unused services and unused startup programs through, start>run>msconfig> service tab, then start up


and change to a static page file system amount (page file refers to an old legacy memory program that uses some amount of Hard drive space as RAM)  Control panel>System>advanced>performance> settings>advanced>Virtual memory>custom size.  Make minimum and maximum the same amount, like 1512 or 2048.


There is alot more but I do not have time to write them up.


Edit: also solid state drives are uber cheap now so go get one and only have operating system on it.

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