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#124174 Nice fleet battle with some BCs last night!

Posted by Korrey on 04 June 2014 - 02:43 PM

I spend the week whining about no BC-and-below sized fleet fights, and then miss out on one that actually happens. Yeaw.

Yeah I hear you on that. I'm more of a BC/Cruiser guy, not much into Frigate meta. So if you see me on, hang around or hang out with Master Broski. He loves BC's too. 


I'm always looking for an excuse to make a fight BC-down hah.

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#124092 Nice fleet battle with some BCs last night!

Posted by Korrey on 03 June 2014 - 03:26 PM

I agree, Blues were great sports. We didn't have quite as many numbers, and we didn't reship at all (or if we did, it was incredibly slowly) but we had quite a bit of fun. 


You didn't even know I was the FC, yet you waited to kill me until almost last. Props for being a telepath! Very honorable of you indeed heh.


In a last ditch effort, with 6 ships still on field, we went for your final Drake. Nothing else was quite in range (except a maller, in retrospect we may have gotten a kill off him) so we went for the drake. By the time his shields were low, we had lost our final cruiser.


Very fun, thanks for warping around and being good sports. We had lower numbers, so we initially warped into you and then jumped through the gate instead of agressing at 30km range. Given our numbers I wanted to have you jump into us, so we could be in position.


Huzzah for a non-organized large fight happening organically. I haven't seen that happen in the last few weeks I've been on. Very fun.

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#122738 EVE Voice

Posted by Korrey on 15 May 2014 - 08:52 PM

Make the "Join Audio" button for Fleets or Channels actually ON the fleet chat window.


I'm tired of telling people "Press the little cog on the top left of your fleet chat..."

Or "Open your giant E, press 'Social' and then 'Fleet' and right click the microphone..."


It should be so obvious/quick that we no longer need to post pictures of how to join for new players. It needs to be simpler.


Other than that, it works 99% of the time for me.

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#122531 The RvB Spring Cup - A Team Tournament

Posted by Korrey on 13 May 2014 - 05:10 PM


Young family, but depending on times I should be able to swing it fairly easily.

I didn't read the rulez gud: Orthus allowed? :D
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#122437 Mordu's Stats

Posted by Korrey on 12 May 2014 - 05:46 PM

The frigate and cruiser are so win. Frigate is basically an inty with more DPS and more slots. The cruiser is like a caracal with 2x DPS, more base HP tank and slightly faster.

RvB pvp will be replaced with 45km missile spewing RLM cruisers.

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#121742 Who to read post Iain M Banks?

Posted by Korrey on 02 May 2014 - 03:30 AM

I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but have you heard of James S.A. Corey? It's a pen name for two writers, Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham, and they are currently writing a science fiction series that's called the Expanse. I HATE reading, but I read the first book Leviathan Wakes, and it blew me away. I hate kids writing, I love deep writing.


They just got announced to be adapted as a TV show in the United States.

The books are so well written I don't even realize they are books. They are mature (as in no fake, unrealistic dialogue) and insanely awesome. Check them out, they are on their third book. The books are pretty big (500~ pages) and the books have been sweeping the literary awards almost every year since 2011 when the first came out.


Books are:

Leviathan Wakes (2011)

Caliban's War (2012)

Abaddon's Gate (2013)

Cibola Burn (releasing this year, 2014)

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#121672 Monumental: The Monument to Monument all Monuments, also we're all on it

Posted by Korrey on 01 May 2014 - 02:19 PM

Also, I'm with you Cameron. It says I'm not on it, so I'll await the website to come out of Beta before I don my sadface.

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#119944 Longbows Doctrine

Posted by Korrey on 08 April 2014 - 02:46 PM

The first time I heard of this a few weeks ago I said, "Dessy's. Railguns. Meh."

Today I jumped in FallenTitan's Corm fleet for about 45 minutes prior to work. I brought a fleet doctrine Corax. 

The next 45 minutes I wasted 100-150 missiles as cruisers, T3 BC's and frigates/pods melted before my light missiles could land a hit at 65km. Im buying hundreds of Cormorants now.

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#118814 Learning fleet ops

Posted by Korrey on 25 March 2014 - 03:53 PM

Hey Khargar,


Welcome to RvB and great questions! I'll try to answer them in order, and to the best of my ability.


- Yes, typically primary is primary for everyone unless FC otherwise tells frigates to tackle ships close to them. Usually it should be the FC's job to get your fleet into position close enough for all ships to engage. However this does not always pan out. Just burn towards the primary and you will likely also burn towards the enemy fleet, putting you in range of future primaries.


- Yes, spread your points is usually called when enemy fleet appears to be losing, and will likely begin retreating. It literally means "grab anything you can and lock it down" while still engaging the primary target. There is typically a *little* leeway here for a frigate such as yourself to disengage primary if you happen to be close to another enemy ship, and tackle it so the fleet can move on to your tackled target after primary is destroyed. In general though it's good to stick with whatever the FC calls direction-by-direction. That way if an error occurs, it's on his shoulders and not yours.


- In a fleet fight, it depends on what ship you're flying. Fleet fights involve much more multitasking. In general you need to be watching your ships weapons/modules, orbiting or manually flying around your target at your optimal and prepare to move close to the secondary target so you can switch seamlessly when primary is destroyed. It gets tricky, and sometimes concluded, but after a few fights you get pretty swift at managing everything.


- Yes, warping off is generally considered fine if you're not scrammed. Generally warping to a station, repairing quickly and coming straight back is the best option. There is no reason you should be penalized for the enemy fleets failure to tackle you. No one *should* give you the stink eye for warping off. We've all done it. We all do it. Whether people admit it or not. 


*Alternative: You can be discreet and say something like "AW man! Out of cap boosters! Gotta go grab some more." or you can say "Scorch crystal broke! Crap! out of ammo!". Usually works. #FakeCombat


- In a T1 Frigate it's highly dependent. Usually on a punisher I fit a 25km disruptor, because i'm typically too slow to get within scram range of a target, but I can at least lock fast enough to prevent a ship from uncloaking and warping away immediately. Rifters and faster frigates probably use scrams to shut down MWD targets. Im not a tackle frigate expert though, someone can challenge me on that.


- Punishers are good, they can take a decent beating. Tormentors are also decent for MWD'ing and disrupting at 22-25km while applying drone DPS. Other amarr frigates generally suck.


- I cant suggest any reading at the moment, though google EvE University. That may help, they have some solid articles in a WIKI about all aspects of the game. Also the forums here may have more info as well.



- Minimum skills to fly a T1 Logi are generally rather low. You should train Amarr Cruiser 4 whenever you get the chance, it will help quite a bit. If you can fit all T2 mods, have Cruiser 3-4, and have decent capacitor skills in general you should be fine. You will be chained together with other logi, so your individual skills will only be a part of the equation. Cap skills are generally important though, for logi and for combat, so those should be high anyways.



- If you're one of just a handful of cruisers in a fleet, you will likely get primaried quickly. ESPECIALLY if you're in a high DPS/low EHP ship like an Omen or Thorax. The goal of an FC is to get DPS off the field as quickly as possible, and a DPS ship will quickly be dispatched. You should still follow primary targets though, even if you feel like you are going to die to a frigate orbiting you.



This is my personal opinion, this may not apply to all FC's. Whenever I FC a fleet, I call primaries. HOWEVER, if I only have 2 omens in my fleet, and one of them is being taken down by a rogue frigate orbiting them, I WANT that Omen pilot to *quickly* let me know who the target is. I may decide to switch primary, or make that frigate secondary in an effort to save one of my 2 cruisers on field.


It's FC's preference, but I'm generally open to decisions like that. By saving your ship I may end up gaining the victory by keeping a heavy ship on field.


Hope this all helps, and isn't a bore to read! These are mostly my opinions. They are free to be challenged by others.

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#118230 March FFA Madness: Ophelia Style!

Posted by Korrey on 20 March 2014 - 04:27 PM

I died. Came in 4th place in a stupid punisher. I hate punishers now.


Just like my mom always said "4th place is the 3rd loser"

And just like my dad always said "I hate you. And your stupid punishers."

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#117525 Space Garage Sale, Otela

Posted by Korrey on 12 March 2014 - 09:20 PM

Moved post to trade hub as its what its here for ;)


Live from frog country

My bad. I did a cursory glance of the forums to find the best place to drop this thread, clearly I whiffed on an entire trade hub section!


As for items, I still have everything! Mostly because Rubicon 1.3 KO'd my entire game folder. Repair tool gets stuck at the halfway mark downloading the 1.29GB file...So i'm redownloading while at work today and should be up and running tonight.

I have received no ingame emails, so any offers for ships and items are only the ones you see here. I'll parse through the comments tonight and let everyone know officially what I have in terms of items for sale (I didn't expect anyone to actually want them).


Once ive gotten everything setup tonight I'll contact the people interested in the ships/equipment. Thanks for all the interest in helping towards this!

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#117432 Space Garage Sale, Otela

Posted by Korrey on 11 March 2014 - 11:04 PM

Hello fellow RvB'rs, 


Some of whom I know, some of whom I don't. I am selling items and ships that I own (mostly ships) to raise some ISK for a plex. My brother, who first played eve with me 7-8 years ago ceased playing due to completely sucking. Nothing has changed, he stick sucks (in life, and in games) however he is giving it another shot. I think RvB will be the action he first was looking for in EVE to keep him playing with me.Since I'm naturally funnier, and better looking, he obviously will become my wingman.


So, I'm selling ships, potentially for 5% less than Jita prices, and more convenient, in an attempt to raise this ISK. I'm not asking for donations or sketchy money transfers (Delling Kessel knows me IRL and can vouch for me), just to sell some ships and items.


I have Amarr ships mostly:

Absolution, T2 Trimark rigged

2x Navy Augorors (I don't use them, please buy them!)

Harbinger, Omen, Zealot, and frigs of various kinds.


As for items:

I have a butt ton of random Ammo's, most weapons (T2, I tend to reprocess T1) and various armor fitting equipment such as EANM's.


This will probably take time, so if you randomly think "oh hey, I got hosed in ganked and I happen to be out of armor mods", give me a shout in game. Or here.


Thanks again for checking out my space-garage-sale.

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#75848 250m Challenge

Posted by Korrey on 03 April 2013 - 09:20 PM

Uhm..is there a useless Amarr equivalent to a Vigil that I could use in its stead? Perhaps a Sigil? They rhyme!

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