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My first two PvP encounters

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#1 Lin Aldard

Lin Aldard


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Posted 16 October 2015 - 06:08 AM

It was a little bit silly, but Arteriamus was just sitting there, off of the Oisio gate in Oshaima, in a Hawk. For my part, I was buzzing around in a badly fit Rifter, with no PvP experience, just looking for trouble. I knew that I was about to get owned, but figured that I may as well have a go anyway. Thank you for the combat, my sincere apologies for running away after Fight 2 without a GF. It was very rude of me, but in my defence, I wasn't entirely sure what had just happened, and was in full on newbro panic mode!


Fight 1 (KB):

I kinda danced around some 200km bookmarks around the gate for a bit while I struggled into my big boy pants, and then found a mark near Arteriamus and warped to it. Seconds later, it was locks on, I was webbed, and getting hammered by Rage rockets. I was aiming for speed tank, but my lack of EHP and some suspect armor fitting choices saw the Hawk chew through shield, armor and structure in no time. For my part, I managed to get through about 45% of his shield before I turned into a flashy egg. GF in local, and then I was off to learn that you can't jump through a gate for 60 seconds after combat. Cue rookie bouncing around the system like a muppet until the timer ran down and I could go home to refit.


Fight 2 (KB):

Exactly the same Rifter fit (I didn't bring many diverse mods in with me), exactly the same gate. I jumped into the system, hit a few bookmarks, and then settled back down on the Oisio gate again, watching Arteriamus take on someone else from R-FED. It was here that I learned what is was to be green around the gills, and to keep an eye on the overview and f****** think about stuff, or you get pwned in PvP before you've had a chance to react. With active combat on grid, idiot here wasn't paying attention to the fact that the fight I'd witnessed was over, and Arteriamus was pinging off of bookmarks to come and teach me a lesson. One moment, he was 250km away, the next, it was 35km. Did I react? No. I looked at the overview, went "Huh, that looks close", and went back to doing heavens knows what. Seconds later, I was locked down, webbed, and eating more rockets. Only this time, I had to establish a lock of my own, panic, fumble modules, panic, and then die. I don't even think I got a shot off.


Taking a T2 assault frig on was ill advised, but I quickly learned that the hardest thing to get over is going to be "flapping" during combat. The first fight wasn't too bad, I got the modules I wanted activated and got a few shots off. Fight 2 was just pathetic. I was that taken by surprise that I just stabbed ineffectively at things and died.


I also need to take a look at my fits. I went for damage, tracking speed and optimal range rigs, instead of giving myself some armor buffer and dealing with the minor amount of speed loss (955m/s  844m/s with armor rigs versus 1041m/s without on AB).


Additionally, I should drop the rocket launcher (113DPS with verus 102DPS without), and potentially drop in an additional tracking computer in a low along with the DCII. I also think that I need a MWD instead of an AB. I was hoping to orbit fast, but seeing as I'll likely always be webbed, this seems redundant.


Hopefully I can find some T1 frigs out and about this weekend to fight against. I'd like to see how my current fit works against a comparative ship. I also need to add overheating ability to my skill queue. At the moment, I'm focused on getting as much as I can out of autocannons and artillery, my tank and agility. Trying to work this stuff out in PyFA is fair enough, but I need to lose some more and hopefully win a couple of fights to figure out if this "in-close go fast" style is going to work for me, or if I need to tank up and go toe-to-toe, or if I'm going to be happier out of web range kiting and sniping.


So much to learn, so much fun to be had. I enjoyed my first PvP experiences, and am thankful to RvB for all of the awesome stuff yet to come.




So I dove back into PyFA following on this and started throwing modules out of my Rifter and Firetail fits.  I seemed to get myself locked into thinking armor tanking, oblivious to the fact that neither the Rifter nor the Firetail have have any bonuses to either tank type, with the Firetail only boasting 1 x more mid-slot to the Rifter. So: Shield?


On an armor tank Rifter, I was struggling to get north of 2.97k EHP on armor. Even dropping tracking and optimal rigs, I was getting 3.06K EHP for massive agility/speed losses when off of MWD (I dropped the AB too) when plugging in armor rigs. On the Rifter, I'm not running a scram, so I have an empty mid anyway, with space for a shield extender. Add in a pair of shield rigs and keep my turrent damage rig, and suddenly, I'm seeing 4.34k EHP. Raw HP is doubled. I've also dropped the 200mm autocannons for 150mm. DPS drops from 103 to 98.7, but hopefully I can trade that for more hits.


A shield buff Firetail just looks awesome in PyFA. Decent looking raw HP and massive EHP, good DPS (for me) and FAST!


I need to go shopping to pick up a few sets of the new fits, and get out to explode some stuff!


This PvP business is awesome, from the thinking to the doing.

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#2 hormone1971


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Posted 16 October 2015 - 06:19 AM

Sensational write up mate especially noob panic. We all used to get it and thankfully it goes with experience. If you see me, feel free to ask questions
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#3 Wiiggls



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Posted 16 October 2015 - 08:36 AM

Keep having fun mate. If you have not already.. make yourself familiar with all the names of the T1 frigs and what they specialise in. 

On a side note.. the rifter WAS an amazing ship. Not so much anymore despite how badass it looks. Try a slasher =) Or on the flip side, if you have okay rocket skills, try a Breacher! =) Keep these write ups going mate they are a great way to evaluate your pro's and cons of your decision making. Also lots of very skilled people will read up like Hormone1971 and give you good tips hints and advice =) 

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#4 piercer



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Posted 16 October 2015 - 01:09 PM

Sounds like you had fun either way!


Everyone gets jitters and an adrenaline rush that causes you do to some stupid things. You learn to half control it eventually :D


If you ever need a testing partner, hit me up and i'll gladly have some friendly PvP practice with you.

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#5 Lin Aldard

Lin Aldard


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Posted 19 October 2015 - 04:12 AM

Bit disappointed that I got zero chance to play over the weekend. Looking forward to getting out today for some digital spaceship pew-pew action. I definitely did have fun though. PvP is a laugh.

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