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FC Training Class 9/23/2015

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Posted 18 September 2015 - 01:10 AM

Hello all, RvB Miramar will be running an FC class for RvB on the date and time noted below
Instructors will be Lady Ayeipsia and roguearmadillo ( if i can make it on time), others will be asked for their assistance :)
This class will contain an instructional on the following
- Creating a fleet (what boxes to tick and settings to adjust)
- setting a fleet comp and ship types (what you will fly and how to best use ships to your advantage)
- Fleet roles and jobs (logi, scouting, skirmishing ect)
- assembling and moving your fleet through space (safe spots and tactical, fleet warping and scouting )
- setting up a gate camp and catching hostile (using sebo's and bating)
- Combat, taget calling and tactics (what to call, what not to call, how to face and enemy fleet with yours and how to use your fleet comp to beat the other sides)
- Disengaging or running from the fight (how to get out with minimal losses and how to save as much of your fleet as possible)
- Regrouping and adapting (this section will be aimed at RvB's nature of combat) 
Location - Yria, top station 
Time - 0130 EvE 
Date - Wednesday 23th September
Fleet comp - bring a T1 cruiser, logi pilots welcome!

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