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The ultimate Golem for pvp?

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#1 Kai Zamayid

Kai Zamayid


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Posted 16 October 2014 - 11:35 PM

Hi, i am currently training for a Golem and i really want to pvp with the Golem in RvB or Low/Null sec.

I know that the Golem is an very expencive ship to fly and pvp with but i can afford to loose 10 or maby even 20 golems and still not be hurt financially.


I looked around for fits but there is really not that much to find when it comes to the Golem, so i want to ask the RvB Community for help.


I've posted a Golem fit on battleclinic was editing the Golem fit but manage to make a duplicate by mistake so now theres 2 fits.


My first fit on BC:




- This fit was inspired by a youtube video i was watching, you can see the link to the youtube video in the description on battleclinic, see the link above.


My second fit on BC (witch was created by a mistake it was supposed to be a edit of the first fit):




- After a few comments here and there i made some changes, but i see that there are many that still doesnt like the fit and how it looks, thats where RvB comes in...


I would love your inputs on how i can change and improve the fit of the Golem, so that when my skills are done and i now can fly the Golem i have a viable fit that i can use.



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#2 FallenTitan



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Posted 17 October 2014 - 03:46 AM

I have a golem that I've used a few times, I would only recommend using it with HG crystals, since you can get some serious enemy reinforcements once you enter bastion mode... and you need the tank.

I think adding scrams/webs/etc on it is silly. You can not move, even scram webbed, most things can burn out of your tackle range rather quickly. You will not be using it solo either, so save the tackling for the ships that are designed for it.
In my opinion, marauders are for heavy fleet support, that is DPS and tank.

I tend to fit mine for with a huge preference for tank, since it is a bullet magnet.

I'm not online right now and I do not have my fit saved in EFT but I cooked this up real quickly.

As you can see, 20,000 ehp a second is enough to tank most fleets. And that's not even overheated (24,000 overheated). Keep in mind though, you will likely want to time your ASBs so that one is active whilst the over is reloading and saving overheat for critical scenarios.
You can increase the DPS and tank by adding more faction modules but this is honestly more than enough.

You can take off the EM Ward and fit an MJD without too much modification, honestly though, I just don't really use prop mods enough with this thing so I took mine off. It's usually locked in a stationary stance and the range on your missiles will reach infinity and beyond. An MJD is useful if you want the option of zipping off and (possibly) bailing from the fight, but it will affect your tank.

Now, in regards to the heavy NOS. These are incredibly important. For long fights, enemy fleets will try to cap you dry... this is fine for most of your modules but it will gimp your tank. Use these 25km NOS and time your cycles so that even if you are being cap drained every 5 seconds by enemy battleships, you have the NOS cycle working in sync with your active shield modules.


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#3 Catalyst XI

Catalyst XI


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Posted 17 October 2014 - 05:12 AM

I havent seen a golem playing station games in RvB yet..... i guess its the logical endpoint of 'upship: the game' lol

As for z fit..... yea i cant help ya, never flown one.
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Resident RvB bad

#4 Xantcha



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Posted 17 October 2014 - 05:45 AM

There was a fight with a golem at an asteroid belt the other day

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#5 hormone1971


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Posted 17 October 2014 - 06:59 AM

you need 2 x TP - take off the point

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#6 Raginv0nslick



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Posted 17 October 2014 - 07:20 AM

obvious bait is obvious :) But people will still go for it for the lol's That is one insane tank btw!

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