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Hi, I am New

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#1 Nocturnal Aumer

Nocturnal Aumer


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Posted 20 July 2019 - 02:50 AM

Well, new might not entirely be correct. You see, a long, long time ago; (for me 675 ship losses ago) in January of 2015 I was looking to join my first ever PVP corporation so that I could learn how to PVP. I told myself I would need to lose 1000 ships before I got good at PVP.


I chose to join Blue Republic.  


And so RvB will always have a special place in my heart. You are the ones who taught me how to PVP. 


Things started off frustrating and I died 3 times without ever getting on a killmail


https://zkillboard.com/kill/44275407/ Yes I was silly enough to try and solo PVP against experienced players as a brand new player. because what's target selection?




And yes I was silly in that I trained only Minmatar frigates and only Autocannons for the first 4 months of my PVP career (not recommended). Many Rifters died to bring you this message. 


But eventually I started joining fleets, My first ever fleet was an RvB ganked fleet lead by Mangala Solaris which a Rifter Doctrine (literally the 1 ship I could fly)


and got on my first killmail ever 

https://zkillboard.com/kill/44281235/ but more than that... 


I had decided to follow this fleet with my scanning alt in an unarmed buzzard after my Rifter died horribly when my screen lit up in white with what I would later learn was warp disruption bubbles and I had fit an AB. (Nocturnal was my second eve character made to PVP, my first was an explorer) and then we used wormholes to get behind Brave Newbies space. I decided to go 2 jumps ahead of where the fleet was going and sent out my combat probes (I was a weird new player). All of a sudden I see a ship anomaly in my probe scanner separated from the rest of the system. I scan closer... the return was Dominix. I warp to it at range, and sure enough this brave newbie Dominix was happily ratting away. I call out in coms, relay the location as best as my noobie skills could (I was not in fleet and I didn't have a point because what's tackle?). I rapidly got invited to fleet so that soon, a horde of over 200 Rifters landed on me, And blew that Dominix to pieces. I didn't get on the kill, unarmed buzzard and all :( But I was hooked on PVP from then on. 


I would then go on to get my first solo kill (alright I used my alt to probe it down, but not to fight so not really solo) 


https://zkillboard.com/kill/44347709/ My Wolf guns vaporized this poor venture in 2 cycles. I did not even know that ventures had stabs and thus my wolf's scram couldn't tackle it. 


I also tried fleet command for the first time in RvB. 


Nothing was happing on a Saturday so I decided to make something happen. I gathered together the most kitchen sink fleet of like 2 cruisers and 7 Frigs/dessies (because what is doctrine?). I was leading the fleet from a Rifter. Then I warped us to the Josameto gate and told everyone to jump (Because what is Scouting?)


So naturally, my overview turned Bright Orange with Red Federation players as we arrived in system. I had just jumped my fleet into a gatecamp. 


Fortunately for me and my fleet, my exploration experience had taught me something about how to deal with gatecamps. 


So I issued my first Eve Online Combat Command... HOLD CLOAK! 


Then I took 30 seconds or so to evaluate the situation (at least as well as my newbie skills could allow)


I realize, that most of the Red targets (a mixture of frigs and cruisers about equal to my fleet) were not actually on the gate, but on a Ping above the gate. Only a Bellicose and a Corax are actually on the gate. 


While I was still pondering , with my 15 seconds left of cloak, what I should do (asking myself what is a Bellicose and can we fight it?)... one of my fleet members in a Rifter decides to ignore my orders and decloaks and starts charging the Bellicose. 


Missiles Streak the Sky, and aim for my Rifter buddy. 


No more time to decide, time to just do...




My fleet decloaks and attacks the Bellicose... https://zkillboard.com/kill/44633873/


But what next, a vexor landed to help out, should I call a corax or Vexor next? 


I had no idea what a Vexor was, but I knew a Corax was a destroyer and that meant High DPS, low Tank.


Primary Corax https://zkillboard.com/kill/44633876/


and after that Primary Vexor (Because what is Secondary Target?) https://zkillboard.com/kill/44633884/


After that the rest of the enemy fleet warped off.


I had actually won my first ever fleet engagement as a fleet commander!  And I was still lost trying to figure out, as my heart was pounding, what had actually happened? 




Now I have decided to rejoin RvB, because I am looking for some nice fun casual PVP. I look forward to getting many ships killed together. 


I will usually be playing in Late USTZ ( I live in Mountain Time Zone US )



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#2 Xarod



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Posted 23 July 2019 - 08:56 AM

Welcome back, I play in EUTZ but maybe on weekends we will cross paths o7

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