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Hard Liquor #8: Home Delivery

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Posted 23 August 2018 - 08:10 AM

Anyone who has flown with me over the past 7 years or so, will have at some time or another heard me do a lot of stupid shit. Usually this results in someone dying or getting shouted at by me. However the stupidest stuff I do is lose my ship then go shopping in the arse end of some misbegotten region like Great Wildlands, Fountain, Stain, and Syndicate and end up buying some trash level ship just to keep on going.
Now you may remember Syndicate is where we fought a brief scrap with the CAS guys and upon being popped I hit the local contract market and bought myself a Raptor and a Rattlesnake. I want to use that Rattler, so we need to get it back to the corner of high sec RvB lives in, so this weekend, we are doing just that. You're going to fly cruisers and down, I'm not. And we're going to take my ship and I home via as much as low security space as we can.
When: Sat 25th August 1830 form / 1900 dep UTC
Where: Orvolle
What: Caracals > Logi > etc (Reprise fits from HL #6)
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Address: public.rvbeve.com
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel: RvB’s Hard Liquor / OOG – RvB Discord
FC: Mangala

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