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"Open Warfare" Mk 1 (Beta), 31 May @2000

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Posted 31 May 2018 - 02:04 PM

Time/Date: 31 May @ 2000 

Concept: Red Federation & Blue Republic each form a Public Invite Fleet simultaneously, and pew!

Location: Araiken VI - I SOE Bureau

X UP Channel: "R-V-B"


Red Fleet Composition:


Shield Vexors, Sample Below



Scythe Logi




Blue Fleet Composition:


Rail Moas, Sample Below



Osprey Logi




For the first few iterations, since we are still working on bugs and PR, need mucho feedback, we will SRP any losses during the brawl, but not during the roam. This is also limited to T1, Meta, and T2 fitted ships of the chosen class and smaller. We will not pay if you bling or bring T2 ships or faction ships and mods.


Link will be posted to this section with the event name and date, link your lossmail via zkill link for SRP.




Red vs Blue Public Mumble


Address: public.rvbeve.com

Port: 43224

Pass: RvBLives

Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name


Post- Fleet Roam:

Most Likely kitchen sink, cheap frigs and dessies into low sec


Feedback: Please post it here! 

Things we what  to know or have considered:

Would you like it if we did this in Thera? Easy to get to but hard logistics for prefits

Otherwise we may continue low/null on a rotation.


What did you like or not like about the fleet?



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