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#1 Telemachus Rheade

Telemachus Rheade


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Posted 27 February 2018 - 04:53 PM

Hello old friends!


Sooooo I was lurking on the regular Eve forums just now - cause nostalgia - to see where the game was, and read the changes they made to alpha clones.


Does the new alpha clone system mean that Tele who has some 70 million SP can now have skills active for a total of 20,443,989 SP without subscribing?




Thanks and love,



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#2 nitro oxide

nitro oxide


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Posted 27 February 2018 - 09:35 PM

Who want to fly one of them when you can fly a maller 😭

But yes you can fly yer slicer till you get feed up and decide to sub again 😜
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#3 Nikolai Mazinkov

Nikolai Mazinkov

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Posted 27 February 2018 - 09:37 PM



Yes he has access to 20 m SP, no he cannot fly a perfect slicer. TLDR the 5 million SP limit is "free training limit" and the 20 million SP is a hard "access limit" to a specific set of alpha skills, meaning some skills for navigation, tank, SC command, etc, will be below 5 even if trained above that. 


HOWEVER! At current prices, what I recommend for most returning high SP players who want to come back to the game, is dip your toes in, if you really want, I am sure you have at least half a bill in ships or ISK around. Get a skill extractor or two, extract up to two million SP (while alpha status it will have to be those Omega accesible skills only) then sell the injectors for PLEX and a couple new extractors, that PLEX will earn you back somewhere in the neighborhood of ....2 Mil SP!


At the current price, if you stay in HG implants and buy/sell direct to the market, you will come out about even, if you set up a buy/sell order bc you have the patience and ISK to do so, you can earn a tiny bit of extra ISK.  basically you trade the ability to earn any new SP for access to all the SP that is blocked by your Alpha status. 

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