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War - how to help if only one side has WT

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#1 CpHarding



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Posted 16 June 2016 - 09:46 PM

As you guys may have noticed - WT's have dropped the dec on Reds, leaving just us blues to fight.
So how can you help the other side even if you can't shoot the WT's? (applies to reds in this case, but might apply to blues in future)
* watching surrounding systems for more incoming WT,
* providing info on where WT are and what they are in
* ship scanners! look at their fits, do they have a resistance hole on something shiney?
* scaning down links / targets which are bouncing around
* giving warp ins to those that can engage
*  T1 MWD cheap  T1 Armor MWD cheap 
* logi ships can be fitted for ~13m a piece, and allow you to rep Reds/Blue - just make sure your safety is on yellow!
* NOTE - if the target engages you - you can engage back! so logi, with combat reship is a possibility
* if they turn up with neutral links - a few gank fit dessies / BC can take out  links before concord will get you - or insta lockers for pod kills
* Reships - have orca's / bowheads / learn to eject and give your ship - the quicker the reships, the more likely the target will go down
And on the flip side - 
What cheap, low SP ships are effective to support pilots in larger ships, when you can engage the WT?
* Tackle -  T1 tackle frigs can cost less than 400k a ship (and you get insurance back) and everyone loves someone who gets good at tackling 
* Ewar - T1 ewar frigs  Vigil-cheap-ewar   Griffin-cheap-ewar   Maulus-cheap-ewar   Crucifier-cheap-ewar  are VERY effective - and around the 1m isk a ship mark! With these you can sit out at 50+KM and help the fleet, without needing to be at too much risk - remember ECM is valid against 3rd party WT's
most importantly - if you see a WT - get on coms, let people in community know, and if a fleet isn't up, start one!
*note - items in underlined italics *should* be fits in corp fitting - search for them if you want to see them

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#2 Jasper Sinclair

Jasper Sinclair


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Posted 17 June 2016 - 11:10 AM



Full rack of Amarr jammers. Jammed him AND top damage!

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