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Events for the next few days...

22 Mar 2017

Please note we have a WEEKEND THEME and a COMMUNITY MEETING and the SUNDAY RUMBLE in Battleships.


Chop Chop!



Wednesday 22nd March @ 20:00 - CLT
Partially reimbursed Cruiser brawl


Thursday 23rd March from 19.30 - Low Sec Roam
Mwd Shield crusiers with logi
Form 19:30 @  Josameto III - Expert Distribution Retail Center


Fri 24th March until Mon 27th March:  'Destroyer Derby'
Weekend Theme Rules:


* Standard T1 Dessies or T1 Frigates only
* RvB space will be solo purple FFA
* You may still be shot by more than 1 pilot
* Free ships will be available
* Prizes / titles for people that impress me
* Starts after downtime Friday ends DT Monday


Saturday 25th March @ 20:30 - RvB Community Meeting
Be on Mumble Coms - air your views / ideas / moans / praise


Sunday 26th March @ 20:00 - Sunday Rumble
Battleships and other toys...

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The Anger Games: Imperium & EVE_NT hosted AT Style Tournament

21 Mar 2017



All the usual suspects invited, see link for details :)


Event will take place 15 April


Please X up as Captain or as team member for this tournament. Signups are no later than April 5th, so we must receive a full team by that date.


Any questions refer to link or myself


Corp will provide buy in if needed.

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"The Housewarming" - Sunday 19th Feb

13 Feb 2017

Sun 19th February from 19:30

"The Housewarming"
Public cruiser brawl in Josameto


Coms: RvB Public Mumble

Expect a mass slug fest in the finest traditions of RvB!

Some cruisers will be available for RvB members only

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Events Feedback

06 Feb 2017

This is the thread to post feedback about RvB events and to make suggestions about how we might improve them and the overall package of events that we run.


Please be constructive! Events take effort and planning....

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Goodbye Oshaima - Sunday 5th February from 19:30

03 Feb 2017

"Goodbye Oshaima"
Sunday 5th February from 19:30


Lots of fascinating ships already arriving for our farewell to Oshaima event on Sunday.


We will be Battleship down once again for more quickfire rolling fleet fights, nominated FFA planets and maybe an expensive mass FFA to finish.


Last time out we blew up over 400 ships in a matter of hours. Lets try and make it 500 this time!


To take part you must contribute at least ONE fitted ship to the overall pool - no exceptions.


Contract ships to my alt Eye Witness News in either HQ system.


If you can supply a Bowhead on the night please be in touch ASAP as I want to fill up the Bowheads long before the event starts (less frantic that way!)


For the cost of a few fitted ships you can get hours of mass explosions...



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