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Weekend Themes - Central Info Thread

30 Apr 2014



RvB offers continuous drop in/out pvp to anyone who wants it, often featuring Cruisers, Destroyers & Frigates going at it on gates/stations and so on.  


As a way to vary the combat landscape we offer you all, RvB sets aside a weekend every other week to run Themed Weekends.  These themes often include small gang aspects, FFA aspects or even the chance to use things one would not normally use in day to day RvB.


Telemachus Rheade is responsible for the theme schedule, which he posts here every couple of months.  Keep an eye on that thread for the lineup and dates.


Normally Tele posts a new thread for each weekend theme, however posting from YOU has gotten less and less in those, leading me to place my admin hat and decide to have a single thread that lists each Theme. This is that thread. 

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[EVENT] The Nugoeihuvi Conspiracy - 27th July 2014

25 Jul 2014

When: Sunday 27th July 2014 at 19:00 EVE time

Where: Josameto and Liekuri

What: pirate/faction battleships > t1 battleships > BCs > faction/pirate cruisers > t1 cruisers > destroyers > frigates > noobships > shuttles > pods



> People willing to FC each team need to ping me in game with a mail - 1 blue FC and 1 red FC needed minimum

> Everyone get your ships and reships ready in appropriate locations


Narrative: The Red Federation have been using the Nugoeihuvi Information Centre to develop dangerous new technology capable of bringing an end to the Red/Blue war altogether. It was discovered by Blue Republic spies yesterday evening that construction of the black-hole weapon would be completed at 19:00 EVE time on the 27th July 2014 at which time Red forces intend to escort it to Blue HQ in Liekuri and destroy the hanger holding all Blue Republic strategic assets. 


Red Federation objective: Collect the cargo from the Nugoeuhuvi Information Centre at 19:00 EVE time. It must be transported in a battleship class ship and will need extensive escort to ensure it arrives safely at the target to complete the mission. At the target station it must be traded to the spy planted in the Blue Republic corporation and dropped into the corp hanger.


Blue Republic objective: Deploy an ambush for the Red Federation escort fleet and prevent the weapon from reaching it's destination. Unrestricted force authorised. Burn them to the ground.

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Outer Space Zombies, July 11th

08 Jul 2014

Greetings Internet Spaceship Warriors!

Operation brief: Space-plague has infected most of the capsuleers in both Red Fed and Blue Rep. The decease transforms fellow space-pilots into blood-hungry Zombies which only aim is to kill all non-zombies around. Only a few have kept their consciousness. The Survivors struggle to find a refuge within star system.

Location: Poinen, we'll form-up at the sun
Date and Time: July 11th, Friday, 2000 Evetime

Operation details:

We'll make 2 purple fleets for this event - "Zombie fleet" and "Survivors fleet". Both teams will start at the sun. Survivors will have 15 seconds to warp away before Zombies start chasing them.

Survivors team:
* Maximum 5 pilots;
* Survivors can fly any T1 Cruisers. Fit them whatever you like - anti-frigate guns, any ewar (including ECM jammers!), warp-stabs etc;
* Survivors can warp freely to any Planet within the system;

No, you CAN'T USE your lovely bookmarks and wait until zombies probe you down, you can't cloak yourself and sit below radars for 10 minutes. That would be no fun and we do this FOR FU-U-UNNN! Also, you cannot dock - stations are infected. Moons and asteroids are off-limits too;
* As in any Zombie-horror show/game - Survivors can use whatever tactic they deem necessary - stay together, spread themselves along the planets, try to avoid fights or kill those pesky zombies left and right.
* Goal - stay alive for 10 minutes and warp back to sun after referee shouts in local that "refugee camp" is now open;

Zombies team:
* Anyone willing to participate should join Zombies fleet;
* Zombies can fly any T1 frigate. Zombies can use web/points to pin down Survivors. NO ECM jammers are allowed for Zombies (standard RvB rule);
* Zombies can reship during the chase (and should do this as fast as they can);
* I'm going to FC Zombies Horde unless someone would like to take this position (in that case I'll join Survivors team as a Referee).

Other notes:
* No podding, no smartbombing, no ECM on Zombies side, all standard RvB rules;
* This is a Purple event - both fleets will consist of both Red and Blue pilots. Make sure that your overview works correctly.
* We'll run several rounds of this. Every time I'll pick new pilots to play as Survivors (if we have necessary amount of people willing to sacrifice themselves to Zombie Horde). If we have more than one FC willing to lead Zombies - those will be rotated too after every fight.

* Each final blow of Survivor will get 10mil ISK prize;
* Each Survivors stayed alive for the whole 10 minutes will get 20mil ISK prize (and I really hope that Zombies fleet make sure that I'm not going to be space-poor after this event :) );

If you want to join Survivors fleet, put a note in this thread in advance! I'll pick Survivors on "first come, first serve" basis - i.e. if you are in fleet and your X Survivor was in the top 5 ones in this thread, you'll get the spot in the first round.

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RvB v EVE University - End of Term Brawl

22 Jun 2014



When: Saturday 28th June 2014
Time: Form up  - 16.45 UTC / Depart  - 17.15 UTC
Where: Poinen
What: Arty Ruptures > Shield Logi > Ewar > Tackle, lots of tackle.
FC: Mangala Solaris
Comms: Eve Voice
FC says:
As discussed here, EVE University approached us with a proposition. That we fight them in a lowsec system. I came to you all and sought your view points and y'all said yes.  Hence this event. 
We will be flying some fun ships (to be posted in my next post), shield fit with shield logi support. If you cannot fly the given race I will also post up some recommended support fits or ships capable of doing similar things to the Ruptures.
This could be a reshipping fight, so I recommend you get to Hek and buy / setup at least 1 other ship in Nein (as we'll be like 12 jumps from RvB space for this fight and HEK is the closest hub).
Podding will be advised against, however we all know you will do it anyway, so get your own pods of field when dead.
Do not jump into highsec with suspect or criminal timers either if those happen.

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Mangala-Gala (Firetails From Hell)

07 Jun 2014

What the Hell is this?

Well, this is a celebration of the continual effort Mangala puts into RvB. For as long as I have been here he (she/it) has continually marketed RvB, run Ganks, petitioned for us and kept up with more background crap than you can imagine (forums, KB’s, etc..).


Also, Mang is like a month away from, believe it or not, 4 years in RvB!!!!


Not to take away from many other peoples efforts on behalf of RvB, Mang has continually pulled his (her/its) weight.


What the Hell is going on?

I am thinking a Ganked style roam in Mang’s honor with one of his (her/its) favorite ships – Republic Fleet Firetails (I will be seeing if I can swing Del Del to maybe pull out some ISK’ies for these – so train up!).


When the Hell are we doin this already?

- July 6th

- 19:00 Eve time

- Lead by Yngvarr Khshayarsha

- Leaving from Jos

- Roam to .......


What the Hells in it for me?

Firetails will be given out before the event in Jos - have mods ready to fit


What the Hell are we doin for Mang?

-       Mangala-Gala Firetail event

-       Special Mangalaward – everyone who flies in fleet will get a “I flew with Mang in the Gay’la” medal

-       Mang gets a special “RvB Janitor of the Year” medal (seems fitting)

-       Everyone’s love and admiration (ok, I gagged up a bit on that one)


Stay tuned, more details coming soon!


*** Edit; Don't forget to post your love/hate for Mang here! ***

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