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Bart's birthday Lowsec roam (Tuesday 16th August 20.00 EVE time)

09 Aug 2016

Hi RvB


In belated celebration of my birthday, I've decided to lead a RvB Lowsec roam as they seem to be popular. It'll be purple, Destroyers down (T2 and T3 Destroyers/ Frigates are allowed, though only bring them if you can afford to lose them) and we'll go round Lowsec looking for a fight. I'll FC for my second ever time so we may lose ships. Not to worry though as I have 3 fitted T1 Thrashers and 5 fitted T1 Frigates for you if people need them.


This will be launched on Tuesday 16th August at 20.00 EVE time from Oisio. Be there!!







Update: Sadly due to real life this roam is now cancelled. I'm very sorry!!!

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Triumvirates Weekend Theme!

03 Aug 2016

o7 RvB,


This weekend we will see a new weekend theme, with a familiar feel.


"Triumvirates" are 3-Man, Cruiser-Down Fleets running around RvB space for a madhouse of PEW PEW!



1. Fleets are cruiser down, no BC or BS permitted unless directly travelling outside RvB space for other things.

2. All Fleets must be purple, visible on the fleet finder and named appropriately (if you go to low sec name it something to do with low sec)

3. A single T2  Frigate OR a single T2 destroyer is allowed per fleet. All Cruisers Must be Tech 1.

4. No T3 Dessies at any point.

5. Links are expressly forbidden.

6. No more than 3 players in a fleet.

7. RvB Space is purple, if you get shot by members of your own corp, that is why!



From the end of "Solo Augustus" Event in the US Time Zone, Appx 0230 EVE time Saturday the 6th

All Day Saturday and Sunday

Until 1100 Monday Downtime.


Other Considerations

Try your hand at being an FC!

Find Clear Comms rooms, but use Red Fleet 1 & 2, Blue Fleet 1 & 2, Red Light District and Blue Sexy as your primary chats if there are 6 or fewer fleets.

Stay off of stations and Citadels, station games are bad, don't be bad.

If Purple is declared or issues come up, follow direction of any active CCs.




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EVE_NT Championships

03 Aug 2016



If you have not noticed, EVE_NT tournament will be taking place in November and December this year. Here is some basic info:


Dates: Consecutive Sundays, Skipping the 27th of November. That means 6th, 13th, 20th November, break, 5th, 12th, 19th December


Teams: 10 player minimum, 15 player maximum. This is also tied to captains, not corporations or alliances


Entry: Fill out the form below and pay 10 PLEX



Format: Round robin, so all you have to do is show up to all 6 fights and be entertaining and give it your best!


Ships: you will be given pre-fitted ships, so it isn't guess work or lots of theorycrafting like Alliance Tournament, you will have to field1 BS, 1 BC, 1 Cruiser, 1 Dessy, and 1 Frig.


PRIZES: NOW THE GOOD STUFF! While the entry fee is 10 PLEX, the prize is, at minimum for the "Minor League", 15 Skins worth roughly 10 billion each. So by competing you will not only get your entry refunded, but you will earn a good share per player and not have to pound through winning 8 matches to do it!


If any enterprising fellows want to take this opportunity, I will pay the entry and help you with management of the team if you submit to some terms. I would FC, but time will likely not allow it so close to the end of our AT run. I will also ask current AT team if anyone want to do this as a post-season opportunity, as long as you don't steal them from practices :)



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First time Fc- Have a go at being an Fleet Commander!! 13.8.2016 20.00

26 Jul 2016

Hi RvB


Wanted to lead your own fleet but too nervous to in case you get welped due to inexperience?


Have no fear, the First time Fleet Commander Event is here!!


This event will involve a frigate brawl with first time fc's from Red federation and Blue Republic forming fleets and fighting each other. This event will be supported by a Bowhead/Freighter for each corp that is full of frigates to use. So there's no reason to be worried about losing people's ships, so have a go!!


The event will be in Yria at 20.00 eve time on Saturday 13th august 


(Ps: We now lack a Bowhead/Freighter for Red Federation. If anyone is willing to fulfill this requirement, I have nearly 100 frigates/ventures thanks to donations to fill your hull. Also my eternal gratitude!!)


(http://rvbeve.com/fo...t-in-rvb/) I've  - This should help)


*note as  the corporation bookmarks are full warp to the corp bookmark fc club fight zone for this event in yria.


Many thanks



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26 Jul 2016

I am so insanely excited to announce that Red versus Blue has won entry into Alliance Tournament 14.


Call to Action will follow this message for donors and participants, but we also managed to get in as a 2 alliance team, meaning that anyone who was a member of Red or Blue before July can compete as one team!




Also note several neighbor FW Alliances as well as Spectre Fleet are in!



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