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Mothership Monday! 2 May 2016

26 Apr 2016

RvB, get ready for the next Mothership Monday!


2 May starting at 1930!


I have been away for a bit, been busy IRL, but have an opening to blow many ships up with you guys!


The idea is 1 Red and 1 Blue Battleship line up with as many T1 frigs as possible in their fleet, warp into the arena at 150k apart, and have at it until a mothership goes down!

We need volunteers to fly the BS. Post here or message me in game.


1930- Round 1

2015-ish- Round 2

2100-ish- Round 3 




-Both Fleets will be purple to balance the numbers (WILL BE +/- 1)

-T1 frigates only unless mutual agreement by both sides prior to event
-referees and INVITED spectators will be in cruisers
-Standard RvB Rules apply
-Warp in will be 150k apart - Bookmarks will be shared prior to the event
-Reshipping is allowed, but you must warp to the mothership or to your start point only
-Once your mothership is down, no reshipping

-Logi is allowed

-Cloaking is not allowed

-Motherships may not leave the grid or warp (MJD use is allowed, warping is not)


Sudden Death
-If Motherships are both alive 30 minutes into the fight, Sudden Death will commence.

-No reshipping is allowed

-All remaining ships will primary  the opposing mothership

-After 5 minutes from sudden death start whichever mothership pair has the highest % of shield+armor+hull HP remaining wins and the fight will cease.

-Logi that is still on grid may continue to rep their friendly mothership

Comments are Welcome, rules will be set and finalized by 30 April 2016.


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Amarr road trip.

22 Apr 2016


If you read down a bit, there is a lottery based on visiting Amarr. Do we want a road trip event?

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Defense Event Ideas...

21 Apr 2016

So the POSes were interesting. Still, they were static assets.

Would people like to try to defend other ships/objects as random content or events? If so, what?

Would people like mutual defense objectives (meaning red and blue must defend something from each other while also attacking the other side, like the mothership event) or defend/attack cycles like the POSes where one was red, then later one blue?

Just looking for more event ideas.

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POS feedback...

21 Apr 2016

Good or bad, I need to know what people thought, what they learned, and what could be better. This applies to both POSes, so let me know! Thanks all.

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Blue POS is up...

14 Apr 2016

So try to kill it! Or defend it!

Small arties and webs, no points. Not sure what it can alpha or not.

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