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RvB Roadshow #1

21 Nov 2015

This is a planning thread, subject to change. Tentatively scheduling the first RvB roadshow for Sat 12 Dec in Jita. Time TBD but preferably one where max people can participate (20:00 seems to work). This isn't going to be thousands of ships like the old days. I am thinking two purple fleets (not FFA) each reshipping out of a Bowhead in FREE T1 frigates. They will be T1 fit but not gimped like many of the older free frigates were. I will provide one Bowhead and appx 200 mil worth of frigates (or more, depending on responses here). Also accepting contributions :) .


So I need one other person to provide a Bowhead and some frigates. You will be responsible for fitting them, but if you need help paying for them just ask.


We will fight on or near the Jita undock (assuming we are not at war with Jita campers). We will totally spam Jita local with RvB propaganda. We will attempt to recruit new members. But mainly we will have fun!


If anyone would like to whelp something shiny that would be great.


If this is successful we will try others in Amarr, Dodixie, Hek?, Thera?  ???



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Bacon's Faction BS Roam

21 Nov 2015

I will be running a faction Bs roam on Saturday Dec 6th. Form up 7:00 Eve time. We will be heading to low then maybe Null so clean clones!

What's needed, PIMPED ships!

Faction BS

Faction cruisers

Fast tackle and heavy tackle


Plenty of beer

This is a great time to get those shineys of the undock and blow them up in a blaze of fire.

If anyone has questions or needs help with fittings let me know

Good Luck

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Event: Blockade!

19 Nov 2015

Evil rats have established a manufacturing facility for counterfeit teapots somewhere in RvB space. This shall not stand! Red and Blue must race to blockade the facility so that no one but us can profit from the sale of teapots. The first side to deploy 3 mobile depots near the manufacturing facility will win the ability to collect all excise taxes on the counterfeit teapots.


So what does this mean?


As you might have guessed, this will involve entering a mission site, jumping through one or more warp gates and deploying mobile depots. The first side to deploy 3 in the final room wins. Note that it doesn't matter if the depots have been reinforced or not, so there's no point in shooting them.


UPDATE: The mission is Angel Extravaganza. The site is in Oisio. Angels use explosive and are vulnerable to explosive. They have good, but not great range. There are 5 rooms with lots of rats.


Special rules:

BC down

T1 BCs and cruisers only (no HACs, command ships, etc)

faction cruisers ok


T3 destroyers ok, T2 frigates ok

the mobile depots can only be deployed from an industrial

Only one mobile depot can be deployed at a time

Each mobile depot must be within 10000 meters of the others (please review special deployment rules for mobile depots, too)

Each side can have only have one industrial in space at any time

Name your mobile depot Blue or Red so we can tell to which side it belongs!


I have no idea how this will work so any rules may be modified during the event to make it more fun.



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Training requests

17 Nov 2015

Hi All,  

as you can see the wonderful Jasper and myself are running training courses. 


If you don't know about something, anything really in EVE (idelaly relevant to RvB) ask in this thread, we will try to do a session on it!




Intro to Fleet operations (17/11/2015)

Intro to Electronic Warfare(24/11/2015)


Current requests we are aware of: 



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Ewar class

16 Nov 2015

On Tuesday 24th at 20:00 I'll be running a class on electronic warfare of all kinds.

Please come along, it will be held on Mumble

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