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Ganked 136: Magnitude

28 Sep 2014



Date: Saturday 4th October 2014
When: 18.30 Form Up / 19.30 Departure
Where: Ney / Schoorasana
(Nearest hub is Dodixie)
What: Arty Ruptures
(I would prefer at least 20+ logistics bro's for this op. Make it so!)
FC: Mangala Solaris
Comms: Mumble

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[We are 5] Tyrian Trophy - An RvB Tournament

11 Sep 2014



On the weekend of October 25th and 26th, RvB - through my good graces - will be holding a tournament as part of our 5th Birthday celebrations.
As with the RvB Spring Cup held earlier this year (Videos are here & here), this tournament will focus on 5 man teams, flying no ships larger than battle-cruisers.
A tournament that will play to the strengths of RvB and is entertaining to all of you, and all of the people who will watch this amazing event live on twitch.
The victors - and there will be many - will take home a share of around 35 BILLION ISK in prizes including ISK, Ships and in (and out of) game medals.
The details:
The tournament will be a double elimination format much like the NEO II & the SCL. This means that to get knocked out a team needs to lose two matches in the early stages rather than one, and makes for a more interesting format indeed. And like those tournaments will use a points system as detailed below. 
The tournament will be managed by me using challonge.com.
The finals will feature a best of 3 matches with the involved teams alternating bans.
You can x up as either a pilot or a team captain in this thread. The deadline for sign ups is 20.00 UTC September 29th 2014.  Following this I will assign pilots to a team, no later than 6th October. Once this is done, teams have the remaining time to practice for the real thing.
Those who have signed up as Captains elsewhere need not x-up again.
Yes, you have to be in RvB to take part.
Schedule & Bracket:
The Nitty Gritty:
Will be held on TQ. Will be held in an as yet unannounced system.
We will use arenas that I will setup. Spectators will be allowed, however they will have to show up in shuttles, so as not to clutter the overviews of the participants.



Commentators to include Sir Squeebles, Mizhir, Dracoth Simertet and Thecla Elarik
Streams to be run by Tyrendian Biohazard, and other additional parties.
Show to be hosted by Mangala Solaris




First Place Team:

1 BILLION ISK per pilot

1 Pirate BS per pilot (of pilots choice)

In game medal 


Second Place Team:

750 Million ISK per pilot

1 Navy BS per pilot (of pilots choice)

In game medal


Third Place Team:

500 Million ISK per pilot

1 Pirate Cruiser per pilot (of pilots choice)

In game medal


Additionally all pilots from the top 3 teams will be offered the opportunity for me to send them an out of game medal (or keep hold of it until a local eve meet that I may attend occurs). Images to come when I find a company that does not want me to buy 100 of the things!


In keeping with the awarding of prizes to more teams in the AT, I am doing a similar thing here.


Teams placing 4th through 8th:

250 Million ISK per pilot.

2 Police Pursuit Comet skills per pilot.


Other prizes are as follows:


Tournament MVP (Voted for by myself & the commentary team):


2 Pirate Cruisers of pilots choice


Team of the Day: Day One (Voted by the spectators using strawpoll)

1 Navy Cruiser per pilot


Team of the Day: Day Two (Voted by the spectators using strawpoll)

1 Navy Cruiser per pilot


Bottom of the barrel (Team that is knocked out with least points earned overall):

1 Pirate newbship per pilot


Thanks to Jiny we have the following Prizes:


Out of the Box (Awarded to the Team Captain of the team with the most out of the box/well flown/interesting setup of the first round of matches)

Caracal Navy Issue


My Wallet got Bled Dry (Most expensive Loss)

Cruor x2


I never signed up and all I got was this lousy (First 3 RvB pilots grabbed on the day to fly in matches. get one (my choice) of the following)

Fed Navy Comet

Imperial Navy Slicer

Imperial Navy Slicer


Apocalypto (Pilot with highest damage across the Tournament)

Apocalypse Navy Issue



Participation medals for all pilots who fly in the tournament will also be awarded.

I am open to further donations from anyone who wants their name in lights or just wants to help make this the biggest internal RvB event of 2014.  

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[We Are Five] Purple Tech 3 Goes to Low Sec

03 Sep 2014



RvB is 5 on the 25th September.  As part of our celebrations we are organising several events to mark this auspicious occasion and spreading them over the 4 weeks following the Birthday.
For one of these events, it has been decided that Lotta Vageena will be leading the glorious purple forces of RvB into space in a Strategic Cruiser (Tech 3) roam through low sec space.
Without further preamble here are the details of this amazing unmissable event!
Date: 5th October
Departure time: 20.00 UTC
Meet up: Josameto (Top Station)
Ships & Fits: This will be an armour roam utilising the Legion, Loki & Proteus. We will require good numbers of armour Logistics to keep this fleet alive, so roll out those Oneiros', Guardians, Augorors and Exequrors.  Additionally if you are unwilling to fly Logi, unable to fly/afford Tech 3, then we would prefer you field (in order of preference): Tackle cruiser - heavy (Phobos)/fast; Ewar cruisers & frigs - damps/ecm/tds; Tackle Frigates/Interceptors.
Examples of the required fits can be found here (will be updated as time goes on with more fits for all the required ships):
Heavy Tackle (Scripted HICs)
(Please provide fits if you deem these awful for our purposes)
Guardian - needs an EG-602
Oneiros - needs an EG-601

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Weekend Themes - Central Info Thread

30 Apr 2014



RvB offers continuous drop in/out pvp to anyone who wants it, often featuring Cruisers, Destroyers & Frigates going at it on gates/stations and so on.  


As a way to vary the combat landscape we offer you all, RvB sets aside a weekend every other week to run Themed Weekends.  These themes often include small gang aspects, FFA aspects or even the chance to use things one would not normally use in day to day RvB.


Frank Bean is responsible for the theme schedule, which he posts here every couple of months.  Keep an eye on that thread for the lineup and dates.

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Weekly Events. Fly Ships. Lose Ships. Get Free ISK.

04 Feb 2014



Holy mother of mercy! That's right, the popular Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder ((BLT) (…also known as Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) event will not be the only weekly hull reimbursement brawl each week.

The all new Cruiser Lightning Thunder ((CLT) (…also known as Chicken Lettuce and Tomato), two of them, will also be added throughout the week. This gives RvB more action packed events throughout the week. All t1 battlecruiser hulls will be replaced for BLT (Apart from tier 3 and Gnosis hulls). All t1 cruiser hulls will be replaced for CLT. So insure your ship and you could effectively make a profit on each loss! How cool is that!

The introduction of the reimbursed CLT events is a result of your hard work in helping us continue to maintain our POCO empire... All RvB profits go straight back to the community, POCO income is a large part of our revenue.

Without further ado, here is the weekly schedule for our reimbursed events:

CR - Cruiser Royale (EU TZ) - 20:00 EVE Time (UTC) Wednesday

BLT Jr - Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder (US TZ) -  02:00 EVE Time (UTC) Saturday - rotates with a Cruiser event every other week.

CfB - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Pacific TZ) -  14:30 EVETime (UTC) Saturday

So stockpile those fleet cruiser hulls each week and get ready for the event(s) during your playtime.

FC volunteers for various time zones are on a first-come first-served basis. A command member (or registered FC) present for the event will need to start a thread in the reimbursement section of the events forum after the fight (  Then members can post their losses for hull replacement.

RvB, the worst mining corp in New Eden.

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