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Memento Mori 4: Easy Rider

23 Sep 2016

Memento Mori 4: 'Easy Rider'

Saturday 24th September @ 20:00

T3 Dessie Down

Form up from 19:30 @ Red HQ in Oisio

(Hysera for Blinkies)


RvB's big Public Roam rides again...


Nitro Oxide will FC


There will be explosions


There will be prizes


We will all die....

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Dahn The Pub FFA's with Vision

19 Sep 2016




Because I know that you can never get enough free frigate action - the Bowheads of purple charity will make regular appearances as we head on into the winter...


So join Vision Thing and all the other people who annoy you on coms for...


banter, free frigs, pictures of penguins and FFA action 'Dahn The Pub' @ Red HQ.



'Dahn The Pub'...


...must be said with a Cockney accent.


Residents of the British Isles will explain.


That is all.


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Tyrian Trophy 2016

07 Sep 2016

I am proud to announce the return of "The Tyrian Trophy"  


 A 5v5, BC down battle hosted by Eve University and Red vs Blue in the Alliance Tournament style and is Double-elimination.


Details will follow, so watch this thread. Date is currently set at Saturday and Sunday, 3-4 December 2016, x up as captain or team member for RvB. Commentators, streamers, referees, etc. please contact me in game or by PM.








Tranquility Server in a system to be announced prior to event. 




Allowed in shuttles only. 




Channel To Be Determined




-To Be Determined

-Medals for participants and victors.




Working on it, if you would like to donate contact me in game.


X up Thread for Captains and Members


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Vision's Hungry Hippos

02 Sep 2016



Saturday 1st October @ 20:00


A new event - form up outside RHQ from 19:30.


This is a team event!


Multiple purple fleets of 4 members will compete in a big frig FFA


Each team will have a mobile depot (supplied) and the goal is to fill it with as much loot as possible.


The teams that collect the most loot by:


* The number of different item types

* Volume

* Value


will win (good) prizes.


t1 frigates only - logi is allowed


I await your tactics with interest.


please REGISTER a team for this event by dropping a mail to Vision Thing Achasse.


We will need a minimum of 4 teams for this event to run.

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Bring & Pew FFA 4: "Unfinished Business"

02 Sep 2016


"Unfinished Business"

Saturday 17th September @ 19:30


This is the biggest, shiniest, most fun xplode fest in Eve.


Here is how lucky RvB members can participate.




Step One


Fly over to Jita's main trade hub - Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.



Step Two


Buy some hulls and mods and fit some ships.



Step Three


Contract your FITTED SHIPS to my alt Eye Witness News who awaits your donations at Jita.



* Don't send us hulls, mods or ISK - we need FITTED ships. Please don't place anything in the hull except charges.


* You can contribute a few T1 frigs with T1 mods or whatever you like. At the last FFA some kind folks donated some quite AMAZING ships including a Nightmare, Phantasm, Faction cruisers and BC's. Can't wait to see what comes this time!



Step Four


Head over to Jita on the night of the event and apply to join the Bring & Pew FFA 4 Fleet - only pilots who have made a contribution will be allowed in.


Step Five


Read the corp MOTD for the rules of the event and how to get your free ships.


Step Six


 Have hours and hours of merry fun blowing up all manner of ships.




1. If RvB were to be war decced in the run up to the event then we might reconsider the location and the date.


2. I would love it if we could have this filmed and streamed.


3. If you made a contribution to the last Bring & Pew FFA but were unable to attend then please let me know so I can add you to the list for this event.


4. I will ideally need at least one volunteer with a Bowhead and one with an Orca so we can keep pew pewing without any interruption to re-supply the Bowheads.


Any questions? Then get building you maniacs! Crazy ships with lol fits always welcome (but no smartbombs)

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