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Valentines Day Massacre ( Sunday - 20.00)

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

Clean Clones is a Must






A Little Roam this Sunday to Null






What I Would like you to bring is:


Yourself and maybe 2 or 3 ships. I Will send out a mail to both corp's Thursday night 20.00. The mail will include a Ruff idea what ship Types I am looking for and the staging area ( get your reships in this station.)


Clean Clone


First Run I Know where I Want to take us, Second depending on numbers maybe do a little camp in Null.


Now a few things Null = No sec hit at all!!   So we can shoot everyone!!


The Fits I Will send is just a guide. you can bring what you like ( Its null if you wanna bring bombs please do!)


Bring Stuff to spam in local!! Lets rattle a few cages!!


Cheers Nitro







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Jag's Birthday 6 Feb Starting at 2000

05 Feb 2016



You don't want to miss this!


Jagtor's 10th Birthday is this Saturday, so we are celebrating with explosions of EPIC PROPORTIONS! INCLUDING FREE SHIPS AND PRIZES!


What you need to have:

-Have at least 1 Faction Frigate set aside if possible.

-Have at least 2x T1 Frigs and 2x T1 Cruisers

-Bring 1- 2 extra of ANY SHIP BS DOWN YOU CAN FLY! (T2,ECM,  etc are welcome)


What you need to do:

-Be in a Clean Clone (low sec involved at some point)

-Log on and Get on comms between 2000-2200

(event will form 1945, start 2000 and close around 2200)


Other Important Info:

There will be lots of free stuff including prizes, party favors, and ships!

The rest is top secret so see you Saturday!!!!





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Logistic Wednesday! 10/02/16

04 Feb 2016

Wednesday the 10th @20:00 will be Logi Wed!


What is it?:


Its a free for all.... with a difference 


T1 cruisers, but if you want (hopefully we will have a good handful of people) There will be a logi wing to the fleet.


If you are in a logi ship (for this week) you can't be shot!, you will be repping anyone that broadcasts.


This gives logi practice at repping multiple targets, with multiple broadcasts in a semi - busy environment.


We can introduce evading ewar and damage into future events.


My End goal is to have very RvB Pilot logi-capable with at least one T1 shield and T1 armor logi ship ready to go :)


so come along - bring logi if you want, or have a supply of T1 cruisers, shield or armor, doesn't matter - hoping we have logi of both 






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Logi practice

03 Feb 2016

While sat in a boring meeting at work, had an idea for an event to get logi practice in.

Purple FFA in cruisers, but with anyone that wants (up to 50% of fleet size) in logi, and you can't attack logi.

This gives logi practice of targets switching, range, broadcast watching etc.

Also gives people practice in broadcasting.


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Dessy Duo Destruction! Friday 12 Feb 2016

16 Jan 2016



12 February beginning at 2000



A Dessy Down Duo enters the Yria Arena and fights a series of consecutive2v2s until death, in which case they are replaced by the pair that defeats them.

The event winner is the pair with the most consecutive kills before death.



-To keep things orderly there will be a purple fleet in Yria officiated by a Command Member

-Participants will jump to Yria with a buddy, in a T1 Destroyer or T2 Frigate and fleet up.

-The Referee will announce who will warp to the arena and who is next in line. The fight begins and ends. The next pair is called up to enter and the loser drops fleet until reshipping and getting back in line.

-To minimize downtime and include non-active tank fittings in the contest, the referee will be fit with remote shield/armor reppers which will be used on the winner between fights.

-Containers and freighters or bowheads are allowed on site for quick repairs or ammo pickup, but not for module/fitting changes (no moile depots)



-Must be on comms. This will make life easier for everyone.

-No Cloaking, ECM drones, or targeted ECM. 

-If there is a no contest or draw situation, the referee will make the call

     -"Sudden Death" - If there is an issue trying to range or point each other, the referee will close the grid size from unlimited to 60k from referee, then 10k per minute after that.

-Only 1 of each hull type allowed in your pair, and no dual T2 logi even if different races.

-Pre-stage or contact me to move reships into Yria, so that if your pair loses a ship but wins the fight, we aren't waiting on you. 4 minute reship max in such cases or you forfeit the next fight automatically.

-I don't want to make extra rules, so don't complain if you don't bring the right ships and end up losing bcause you can't tackle, apply DPS, or break the opponents tank. The referee retains the right to call the fight if it drags on and declare a winner. 

-If your teammate leaves and you re-enter with a new mate, you restart the kill counter

-No pre-sign ups, line cutting, douche-baggery (shooting in the qeue, station or gate camps). 

-Have fun!


Awards and Replacement

-Regardless of ship type, each explosion will be reimbursed at least 2 mil ISK for those who are concerned with cost (more if there are leftover funds)

-Awards will be given to the top 3 duos based on conecutive kills. You and your friend may choose your reward based on:

1st place:

1x  T2 or T3 Destroyers for each of you, or 2x  T2 frigates, or 50x  T1 Destroyers for each of you (That's up to 80 mil or so each!)

2nd and 3rd Place:

1x T2 Frigate or 25x T1 Dessies 

(That's about 20-30 mil each!)


2 x T2 Frigates, a T2 or T3 Dessy, or 25 of any T1 Destroyer, 50 of any T1 Frigate 


Comments and rule change suggestions welcome until 7 Feb.  

Referee help would be appreciated.



2000- Nikolai




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