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Ganked 154: Knocking The Rust Off

25 Jan 2015




Ganked 154: Knocking the Rust Off
FC: Mangala Solaris
When: Saturday, 31st January
Time: 18:30 form up / 19:30 Departure
Where: Reisen / Akora
Doctrine: Rifter Hulls, Thrashers, Sabres, Shield Logi.
Comms: Mumble
Try to fit for shields.  Im a touch rusty so rifters and what not with supporting hulls should be a nice way to ease back into the FC seat after a months break.  Try to ensure you have tackle, webs or ewar in spare mids. Yes Slashers are acceptable too, even if they are made of paper!
We'll try to find fits to throw into a fleetup doctrine too.

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RvB Presents Supersmash Sundays - A Teaser

21 Jan 2015



RvB, thanks to our vast POCO empire, is able to offer weekly events that feature reimbursement of a specific class of hull. Currently these events see Cruiser and Battle-cruiser hulls reimbursed. Thanks to a timely post by Tele (cant believe I wrote that), I acting in my capacity as Event Surpemo & fledgling CEO of RvB want to look into the validity of offering a regular Battleship hull reimbursement event. Not on a weekly basis, but certainly on a monthly basis at least (maybe every other month if the cost is a little high!).


As part of looking into such an event, we will be holding a teaser on Sunday 8th February at 18.00 EVE Time.


This will be a Red v Blue event, with Red FC'd by me and Blue FC'd by Telemachus Rheade. As the FCs of this event, we will be deciding on the ships and so on that our respective fleets will use.



Reimbursement will work slightly differently for this teaser event than it does for the current lineup of events:


  1. Only T1 BS hulls requested by your FCs will be reimbursed.
  2. Reimbursement will be hull only while we evaluate cost of this event.
  3. Please ensure you insure your ships, insurance will easily cover your fits.
  4. FCs - If you wish to include logistics in your fleets, please advise your logi pilots that all T1 logistics losses will be 100% reimbursed including fits.


tl;dr is in 2 weeks we have a BS event. Watch your corp mails for details of what your appointed FCs require in the way of ships and so on.




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[Video Contest] This is... RvB - VOTE NOW!!!

22 Nov 2014



Media folks of RvB, RvB members with friends with media skills, RvB (and anyone else who cares to chip in) wants to give you PLEX!


If you do not live under a rock, CCP just released their new trailer for EVE: This is EVE. And its a douzy!  Easily the best trailer they have done. Period.


RvB would like something similar. 


Now we have in the past used the name This is RvB for a video that Catalyst XI made for us. Said video is bloody awesome - and always will be, but the game has moved on since then and so has RvB, so lets update that and make a new one given we've moved into our FIFTH year!



Entries are now closed. Voting has begun! Please use the poll attached to this thread to vote for your favourite.

(No doubt as well as tweaks from the authors bu we shall see).


The videos to vote on are:


This is Merlin by Lasse Farnsworth



This RvB II by Catalyst XI



EVE is RvB by Alphae



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Weekly Events. Fly Ships. Lose Ships. Get Free ISK.

04 Feb 2014



Holy mother of mercy! That's right, the popular Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder ((BLT) (…also known as Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) event will not be the only weekly hull reimbursement brawl each week.

The all new Cruiser Lightning Thunder ((CLT) (…also known as Chicken Lettuce and Tomato), two of them, will also be added throughout the week. This gives RvB more action packed events throughout the week. All Tech 1 battlecruiser hulls will be replaced for BLT (Apart from Gnosis hulls). All Tech 1 cruiser hulls will be replaced for Cruiser Events. So insure your ship and you could effectively make a profit on each loss! How cool is that!

The introduction of the reimbursed Cruiser events is a result of your hard work in helping us continue to maintain our POCO empire... All RvB profits go straight back to the community, POCO income is a large part of our revenue.

Without further ado, here is the weekly schedule for our reimbursed events:

CR - Cruiser Royale (EU TZ) - 20:00 EVE Time (UTC) Wednesday - rotates with a Cruiser event every other week.

BLT Jr - Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder (US TZ) -  02:00 EVE Time (UTC) Saturday - rotates with a Cruiser event every other week.

CfB - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Pacific TZ) -  14:30 EVETime (UTC) Saturday


FFF - Free Frigate Frenzy (US TZ) - 02.00 EVETime (UTC) Thursday

So stockpile those fleet cruiser hulls each week and get ready for the event(s) during your playtime.

FC volunteers for various time zones are on a first-come first-served basis. A command member (or registered FC) present for the event will need to start a thread in the reimbursement section of the events forum after the fight (  Then members can post their losses for hull replacement.

RvB, the worst mining corp in New Eden.

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RvB Official 2015 Mass Destroyer FFA / Stepping down as CEO

10 Jan 2015

Intended to kick off the new year with many many bangs, RvB is proud to announce the 2015 mass destroyer FFA.


We have 3,200 brawl fit destroyers ready for combat destruction.


We have ALL 8 types of destroyers (400 of each). Just like the cruiser FFA, there are no kite-fit destroyers. Hop in a destroyer, turn your ship full-broadside on the closest RvBer and open fire!

All destroyers have been balanced as much as possible. Expect buffer tank and dual active rep fits with comparable dps… and the odd e-warfare modules.

This event will no doubt be RvB’s largest destroyer free for all to date.


When:   Saturday 17th of January – 20:00 EvE Time

Where:   The event will be hosted in Jita 4-4 (just like the mass cruiser FFA last year).

What to bring:   NOTHING, all ships and fittings are provided (a clean clone would be wise).

Prizes:   Spot prizes given out on the day to various attendees.



I will also take this time to announce that I will be stepping down as CEO effective 18th January.

This FFA was my last project before passing the baton on to one of the next leaders of this community.

Command has known about this announcement since December last year. Although demanding at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 years sitting in the hot seat. Due to real-life commitments I just do not have the time to continue to be a leader in RvB and I shall be taking a 12 month hiatus from EvE entirely (staying in RvB and just logging in for skills). Hopefully this vacation will see me return with a new-found fervour towards the game as a whole.

I have spent my limited game time this month working quietly behind the scenes to form, purchase and organize this FFA (with much appreciated fitting assistance from Miri Boirelle).



See you all at the FFA for what will be a hugely fun event,



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