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King of the Grid - Wednesday 29 June 20:00

26 Jun 2016

Yes, another KOTG event! With NEW RULES to speed up matches.


King of the Grid is a gladiator combat event, wherein the reigning champion takes on all comers until he is defeated. It will work something like this:


  • Once the fleet is formed, contestants X-up in fleet chat. The first two form the first match. The loser goes to the end of the queue and the winner faces the next contestant, in order of X's in fleet chat.
  • The winner may tether at the nearby citadel, but MAY NOT rearm/redrone or get more cap boosters or nanite paste. All you get is what you can cram into your tiny little cargo hold.
  • The loser is not constrained and may reship as he wishes.
  • T1 Frigates only. T1/T2 modules only! No pirate/faction/officer anything. Including drones.
  •  if a match is not decided in 5 minutes, each contestant must take a combat VENTURE fitted with LASERS from the Orca on grid and finish with that. If STILL not decided after a further 5 minutes the fight is ended and the ship with the least damage is the victor.
  • The winner of the contest is the pilot with the most victories. These DO NOT have to be consecutive.
  • If the contest ends in a tie the tied individuals will duel using the same rules as above. If more than 2 are tied it will be an FFA. If one of the individuals is not present they forfeit.

Determining the end of the contest will be subjective. I want everyone to have the opportunity to win a match so they can stay in the running for winning the contest, but a lot depends on position in the queue and how many people are available.


If you failed to read the rules closely and it turns out you can't fly a Venture with lasers, you lose that match.


The winner will receive a fit Worm, courtesy of Ewiven Legolas, and be awarded a highly coveted Gladiator Champion medal!

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RvB Memento Mori 3

08 Jun 2016

RvB: Memento Mori III

Sunday 26th June

21:00 Eve Time

Form up: Top Station in Oisio (Hysera for blinkies)

'X' in R-V-B chat to join the fleet.

Coms: RvB Public Mumble 


After tons of fun  with Quentin Sarn last time out we sally forth once again


FC will be confirmed shortly


Billions in prizes for intrepid pilots...

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Nitro Low Sec Madness

07 Jun 2016

It's time again to dip our toe into the murky waters of low sec.



I shall have Free ships to hand out on night. ( You have a mail in your inbox!)



So its Friday 10th of June.


form up 20.30 eve time.


It will be in Oisio or Oshaima.


If we last more than one jump op success!!


Clean clone etc


If you have neutral eyes preferably cloaky please have them between RvB space and tama!! :)


Cheers Nitro


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Bring & Pew FFA 3: Lets blow up Jita!

02 Jun 2016


Lets blow up Jita!

Saturday 18th June @ 20:00


This is the biggest, shiniest, most fun xplode fest in Eve.


Here is how lucky RvB members can participate.




Step One


Fly over to Jita's main trade hub - Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.



Step Two


Buy some hulls and mods and fit some ships.



Step Three


Contract your FITTED SHIPS to my alt Eye Witness News who awaits your donations at Jita.



* Don't send us hulls, mods or ISK - we need FITTED ships. Please don't place anything in the hull except charges.


* You can contribute a few T1 frigs with T1 mods or whatever you like. At the last FFA some kind folks donated some quite AMAZING ships including a Nightmare, Phantasm, Faction cruisers and BC's. Can't wait to see what comes this time!



Step Four


Head over to Jita on the night of the event and apply to join the Bring & Pew FFA 3 Fleet - only pilots who have made a contribution will be allowed in.


Step Five


Read the corp MOTD for the rules of the event and how to get your free ships.


Step Six


 Have hours and hours of merry fun blowing up all manner of ships.




1. If RvB were to be war decced in the run up to the event then we might reconsider the location and the date.


2. I would love it if we could have this filmed and streamed.


3. If you made a contribution to the last Bring & Pew FFA but were unable to attend then please let me know so I can add you to the list for this event.


4. I will ideally need at least one volunteer with a Bowhead and one with an Orca so we can keep pew pewing without any interruption to re-supply the Bowheads.


Any questions? Then get building you maniacs! Crazy ships with lol fits always welcome (but no smartbombs)

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Mothership Monday! 2 May 2016

26 Apr 2016

RvB, get ready for the next Mothership Monday!


2 May starting at 1930!


I have been away for a bit, been busy IRL, but have an opening to blow many ships up with you guys!


The idea is 1 Red and 1 Blue Battleship line up with as many T1 frigs as possible in their fleet, warp into the arena at 150k apart, and have at it until a mothership goes down!

We need volunteers to fly the BS. Post here or message me in game.


1930- Round 1

2015-ish- Round 2

2100-ish- Round 3 




-Both Fleets will be purple to balance the numbers (WILL BE +/- 1)

-T1 frigates only unless mutual agreement by both sides prior to event
-referees and INVITED spectators will be in cruisers
-Standard RvB Rules apply
-Warp in will be 150k apart - Bookmarks will be shared prior to the event
-Reshipping is allowed, but you must warp to the mothership or to your start point only
-Once your mothership is down, no reshipping

-Logi is allowed

-Cloaking is not allowed

-Motherships may not leave the grid or warp (MJD use is allowed, warping is not)


Sudden Death
-If Motherships are both alive 30 minutes into the fight, Sudden Death will commence.

-No reshipping is allowed

-All remaining ships will primary  the opposing mothership

-After 5 minutes from sudden death start whichever mothership pair has the highest % of shield+armor+hull HP remaining wins and the fight will cease.

-Logi that is still on grid may continue to rep their friendly mothership

Comments are Welcome, rules will be set and finalized by 30 April 2016.


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