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First time Fc- Have a go at being an Fleet Commander!! 13.8.2016 20.00

26 Jul 2016

Hi RvB


Wanted to lead your own fleet but too nervous to in case you get welped due to inexperience?


Have no fear, the First time Fleet Commander Event is here!!


This event will involve a frigate brawl with first time fc's from Red federation and Blue Republic forming fleets and fighting each other. This event will be supported by a Bowhead/Freighter for each corp that is full of frigates to use. So there's no reason to be worried about losing people's ships, so have a go!!


The event will be in Yria at 20.00 eve time on Saturday 13th august 


(Ps: We now lack a Bowhead/Freighter for Red Federation. If anyone is willing to fulfill this requirement, I have nearly 100 frigates/ventures thanks to donations to fill your hull. Also my eternal gratitude!!)


(http://rvbeve.com/fo...t-in-rvb/) I've  - This should help)


Many thanks



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26 Jul 2016

I am so insanely excited to announce that Red versus Blue has won entry into Alliance Tournament 14.


Call to Action will follow this message for donors and participants, but we also managed to get in as a 2 alliance team, meaning that anyone who was a member of Red or Blue before July can compete as one team!




Also note several neighbor FW Alliances as well as Spectre Fleet are in!



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Ganked: The Fifth Element

20 Jul 2016




Ganked turns FIVE this coming weekend, and to celebrate I will be leading a Golden Fleet into space, and hopefully into glorious combat!



Where: Agil (I know its far but it gives us two options...)

When: Saturday 23rd July 2016

Time: 18.30 UTC formup.

Comms: Spectre Mumble







I hope to see tons of folks there for this. Been a while since I was in the saddle and Ganked turning 5 is a great way to get back in it. Fits can also be found in the channel Double Vodka & Lemonade.

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Mothership Monday- 1 August

15 Jul 2016

RvB, get ready for the next Mothership Monday!


1 August starting at 2000!


Slight twists for each round!


The idea is 1 Red and 1 Blue Mothership line up with as many frigs as possible in their fleet, warp into the arena at 150k apart, and have at it until a mothership goes down!

We need volunteers to fly the BS. Post here or message me in game.



2000 formup for round 1
2030- BC Round- BCs paired with T1 Frigs

__ vs ___


2045- BS Round- BSs paired with Faction frigs!!

Cela vs ____


2130- Low Sec- Bust out your Command Dessies and T2 Frigates, Pirate BS encouraged if we can get 2!



0100 Formup Round 1

0130 BC Round

Harleydavid vs Yngvir Odinsson

0215 BS or low sec round!

Harleydavid vs ____



-Both Fleets will be purple to balance the numbers (WILL BE +/- 1)

-T1 frigates only unless mutual agreement by both sides prior to event
-referees and INVITED spectators will be in cruisers
-Standard RvB Rules apply
-Warp in will be 150k apart - Bookmarks will be shared prior to the event
-Reshipping is allowed, but you must warp to the mothership or to your start point only
-Once your mothership is down, no reshipping

-Logi is allowed

-Cloaking is not allowed

-Motherships may not leave the grid or warp (MJD use is allowed, warping is not)


Sudden Death
-If Motherships are both alive 30 minutes into the fight, Sudden Death will commence.

-No reshipping is allowed

-All remaining ships will primary  the opposing mothership

-After 5 minutes from sudden death start whichever mothership pair has the highest % of shield+armor+hull HP remaining wins and the fight will cease.

-Logi that is still on grid may continue to rep their friendly mothership

Comments are Welcome, rules will be set and finalized by 30 April 2016.

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Solo Augustus!

15 Jul 2016

o7 RvB,


I would like to present to you "Solo Augustus", an epic series of solo frigate events to determine our best solo fighters!


There are multiple run-up events in which pilots can earn points prior to 20 August. On the the 21st, our finalists based on points will be announced for a tournament to take place on 26 August to settle 2016s solo Champion!


Points and events are structured to benefit MULTIPLE REPETITIVE WINS, so don't fly to not lose, fly to win!


Run Up Events:


Solo Killboard Contest:

Mode: All solo kills on the RvB KB prior to the 21st will count.


Points: Every 10 kills earns you 1 point, and the top players get extra. Top player gets an extra 4 points, #2 gets 3 points, and #3 gets an extra point.


Solo Bash- August 5th 

Mode: Get into a frigate, join fleet, and x-up. We will tell you who you are fighting and what planet/moon to go to. Fight there and report loss/win through KM post. Reship and get back to the fight! 


Points: Round wins earn 2 points, round losses lose you 1.


King of the Grid- August 12th

Mode: Standard Event Style, with some minor changes. Fleet up, get in a frig, and come to the arena waiting area. X up to get in line. Winners stays on grid, loser reships and gets back in line. 


Points: Wins are 2 points, consecutive wins earn 3 points each. Losses are 2 Points. NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED FOR FIGHTS LASTING OVER 5 MINUTES, but the incumbent winner will stay on grid for the next fight.


All Comers War- August 19th

Mode: Last chance to earn points, the top competitors will be invited to sit on grid and face a round robin of opponents from the rest of RvB. Like a mix of the solo bash and KOTG events, you may choose to be a "Champion Competitor" who stays on your grid for points or a "Fighter" who goes to different champion grids to take them down!. The purpose of this is to get finalists points but make them face other non-finalists, with a higher risk/reward for losses.


Points: +3 for wins, -3 for losses.



Format is TBD (Round Robin or double elimination) based on #s, but top competitors by points are invited to kill each other. Each entrant gets to pick a frigate skin (must be a T1 or Faction frig in Red or Blue colors based on pilots corp), faction frig, pirate, and t2 frig for their rewards. 4th place gets a skin, 3rd gets a skin AND some faction frigs, 2nds gets that AND a pirate frig, 1st gets ALL THAT plus some T2s! That will add up to over a bil in prizes!



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