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Nitro vs Cp 07/12/16 CLT

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

Post yer losses :)

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The Winter War 2016

23 Nov 2016

Another Crusade is upon us! The Ivy League and Red vs Blue will go to War!



Engagement Duration:

December 1st to 7th, 2016 (with option to restart in January)


Engagement Profile: Engagement will consist of a mutual war declaration to begin fighting on the first of December, 2016. The engagement will be constrained to a single region, with a primary engagement area of a high-sec island. The high-sec space, providing sufficient size for fleet engagements in a single constellation, will to some degree mediate the likelihood of unwanted third party involvement. This high-sec island will also serve as the resupply location for both sides; each side shall drop their own citadel to accommodate clone bays and reship. Enclosed are proposed engagement envelopes and home systems.


Engagement Area: The Engagement Area is Black Rise.



From 1 Dec to 7 Dec, do not enter Black Rise if you do not want to fight. Period.


The 'all bets are off' secondary engagement area, suggested for small gang fights between major events is the adjoining Western low-sec constellation, pictured in the image to the right. This area can be used to coordinate smaller events ad-hoc, or to find fights with other parties. - Though these areas have been defined, all of Black Rise is acceptable fighting territory. Only engagements outside of Black Rise should be reported to UNI and RvB Leadership.





Rules of Engagement:


1. No fighting outside of Black Rise. You enter Black Rise at your own risk during the mutual war. Report violators to Nikolai Mazinkov and Jurius Doctor in the comms channels, or by email. Copies of logs and killmails are required substantiation of allegations.

2. Main fleet events happen in High Sec. This keeps both sides honest and helps limit the involvement of third parties.

3. No structure bashing. This is about keeping the fights real, without pushing each other’s borders or intent. This is meant to drive content, not piss each other off. Let’s keep it civil.

4. Miners and industrials are off limits. As above, this content generation shouldn’t interfere with daily campus/group activities. It also does no good to go attacking each other’s resupply lines. This is a mutual war, not a Sov war. That said, for the duration miners should stay the hell out of Black Rise.

5. No batphones. If an outside party or aggressor (a mutual war target - e.g. Complaints Department) enters the High-Sec and aggresses either side, RvB and E-UNI agree in advance to suspend action and coordinate to dunk the aggressor, together.

6. Corpses for the corpse god. Pods are legal targets in the engagement envelope. Each side anchors one Giant Secure Container in their ‘home’ system, next to Citadel. Corpses go in the containers. The side with the most bodies gets bragging rights.

7. Common Comms. Each side agrees to the use of common comms (chat and voice) channels for reporting rogue agents (people who break the rules of engagement) and coordination of fleets, events, classes, and other hilarity. Members of all involved alliances are expected to comport themselves with dignity and mutual respect. (e.g. No shit talking in local, or in common-comms.) Rule of Detente. Both sides reserve the right to end the war immediately in the event that the RoE are not being honored, or if one side shows a breach of trust. In this eventuality, peaceful departure and safe passage is guaranteed to both parties, and structures will not be attacked (allowed to be unanchored). If we want to keep these events running from year to year, we have to agree to the same level. As such, every effort will be made by both sides to ensure this does not happen.



Communications Channels (will be linked in appropriate RvB Channels)


WW16 Ops - For Teacher, FC, and Leadership coordination. (Password available from leadership, by request or appointment only.)


Winter War 16 (PW:Pew3)- Common Chat/Discussion for all sides


Fleet comms: Each side will use their own comms for Fleets, RvB Public Mumble will be used for shared management/dispute resolution




Proposed Events


Thu Dec 1: Battlecruiser Lightning and Thunder (BLT)

An all-out Battlecruiser Brawl where the corps offer limited reimbursement - corps pay for platinum insurance on the T1 BC Loss.


Fri Dec 2: Noob Night (FNN)

Friday will be reserved for Noob Night, an opportunity for each side’s junior pilots to get out and practice engagement with each other in organized Free For Alls (FFAs), Roams, and Capture The Flag (CTF) events. Herd out the Alpacas and get them in the fight!


Sat Dec 3: Battleship Brawl

No holds barred Battleship beatdown - get the big guns out.


Sun Capture the Flag (CTF)

Each side puts out one brick-tanked procurer in the high-sec pocket somewhere, and both sides get T1 frigates (40v40) to try and kill the other team’s procurer. The first team to destroy the other procurer wins. This will require balance between defensive logi, e-war, DD, and scanning.


Monday: Mothership Monday

This is a BS duel that tags on 2 fleets of T1 frigates until a BS goes down.


Training Tuesday

Instructors from RvB and E-UNI Present Classes in Fleets, PvP, Leadership, Core Skills, and other topics TBD.

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Momento Mori 5: Svipuls Last Hurrah! 13 November

06 Nov 2016

Next Sunday (13th) will be the last weekend before the Svipul nerf.  I would like to run a Svipul roam.  


I'd like this roam to take place in Amarr faction warfare space, starting in Amarr and ending in Amamake and back and forth.


Shield fits please.


This roam will be public.  Invite your friends, invite your alt corp mates, invite your coworker.


Don't be afraid to throw the word 'Ganked'  around when you're extending them the invite.

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Idea for taking, Enjoy

22 Oct 2016

I was going to do this before CCP yet again failed to have good customer care and made me argue through 3 gms to get a $2 usd ship lose replaced that was not my fault, so congrats ccp you lost out on me spending 500 to 1K usd to make this event happen.  Real Slick.. 


So anywho.. Since I will not be doing it, feel free to take the idea, anyone!


Title: Extreme Medic Apocalypse


Stuff: the red button was pushed and the end happened, the only people that could survive and were left were medics and doctors, and they have obviously nothing left to do but kill each other in the slowest ways possible! 


The idea was to have over 200 T1 Cruiser logi ships fit for a massive small fleet FFA, you can bring your own logi but only T1, t1 fits and no micro warp drives. You could bring T1 logi frigs but at your own cost.


Prizes for the ship with the most damaged taken

most loses

most final blows

most top damages

and and overall prize for the team to last the longest.


The fits were with all ships have an Ab a cap booster and 1 single large rep. you can bring your own logi but no T2 anything, no midslot ecm and no Micro warp drives.


The minimum Team size would be purple fleets of 5 in any of the fitted ships that could be gotten at either a RvB POS or the palace.  however 3 teams or more would be better.


[Osprey, medic wars 1]

IFFA Compact Damage Control

Mark I Compact Reactor Control Unit

Mark I Compact Reactor Control Unit


Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Warp Disruptor I

Adaptive Invulnerability Field I


Large S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster

Rapid Light Missile Launcher I, Mjolnir Light Missile

Rapid Light Missile Launcher I, Mjolnir Light Missile

200mm Railgun I, Antimatter Charge M

Small Energy Nosferatu I


Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I


Warrior I x3

Hornet ecm x1


add whatever ammo needed


next ship: 

[Scythe, medic wars 2]

IFFA Compact Damage Control

Reactor Control Unit I

Reactor Control Unit I

Overdrive Injector System I

Power Diagnostic System I


Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Warp Disruptor I


Large S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster

220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I, EMP M

220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I, EMP M


Medium Ancillary Current Router I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I


Hammerhead I x4

(whatever T1 ecm drones)



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POSTPONED -3 December- EVE Trillionaire Party- 18 Carriers 4000 Destroyers Free!

20 Oct 2016



See the link for details, Here is the skinny


Due to the EULA changes Trillionaire is throwing a party for insurance money to liquidate stuff and have fun.


21:00 in Ishomilken (0.4 System in the Citadel) the carriers will enter system to DIE!!!!



Otherwise everyone is free to be in the 4,000 free dessies that will be handed out to help take the carriers down, or come in your own ship!


If you would like to X-Up I am linked up with him to allow a few trusted members to fly and die in one of the Carriers, I just need an absolute yes/no so I can let teh organizers know. The cost will be the insurance value. I can help pay your ticket but you will owe me that cost back once you die.


I am sure bombers bar and Spectre Fleet will come make this a quick affair too, which will be epic once the bombs start flying! Sadly I won't be armed with bombs as usual, I will either be sadly absent or in a CARRIER myself.



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