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RvB Funded Reimbursement Events

06 May 2015



Pilots of RvB!


Once upon a time, Del Delvechio created an event for RvB pilots that saw BC hulls replaced courtesy of his industry efforts. Following our acquisition of a ton of POCOs back in 2013, RvB expanded on this and started running regular events in the EU, US & Crim timezone's. These weekly events saw either cruisers or BC reimbursed, usually on a rotating schedule.  However earlier this year, we reduced the events from weekly to once monthly for each timezone for :reasons:, with the weeks without reimbursement events still having scheduled fights - when FCs remembered or indeed wanted these fights to happen.


For the senior members of RvB Command, this change felt right, however we are not afraid to admit that we may have been wrong and have therefore decided to increase the scheduled reimbursement events as well as allow impromptu reimbursement events to be held.



So as of today (6th May 2015), and as discussed at the recent Community Meet, scheduled reimbursement events will be held every other Wednesday on a rotating system.


1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month: EU TZ event.

Starting around 19.00 or 20.00 UTC depending on FC preference and what is good for you all. Will rotate between a Cruiser event and a BC event every other fortnight.


2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month: Late US TZ event.

Starting around 02.00 or 03.00 UTC. Primarily a BC event as it always has been.

This change may be a shock to some who were used to a late Friday/Early Saturday US event, but this decision was taken to allow the next step in our reimbursement plan, as well as give the quieter weekday timezone's more of an opportunity to smash ships into one another regardless!


One Sunday every Quarter year: BS Reimbursement event.

This has happened a couple of times so far, however in the next 8 weeks before the next one, I want to make some tweaks to the setup to allow them to be more inclusive for all and yet still be as epic as possible.


So there you have it, and for the keen eyed, the Crim TZ event on Saturdays has gone. However its not truly gone given the next step in our reimbursement policy:


IMPROMPTU Reimbursement events!


If a pair of FCs are having a fight, and a Director or higher is available (Ingame chat, ingame mail, via forum PM, RvB shoutbox or twitter is all good!), they may request that their next few fights are subject to reimbursement, and you know what, we will NOT be saying no if those fights are BC or Cruiser fights and it will keep pilots fighting to the bitter end. 





Can FCs still earn LP?

Yes, FCs running fleets for these events, still earn 1000 BONUS LP on top of what they earn during that session. Same goes for those running impromptu SRP events.


Why not a return to weekly events, they weren't that much of a problem were they?

While we do have a considerable income, it's not bottomless, and it cannot stretch to everything we - or you - would wish to use it for. Compromise has to happen. That and with the other things we have coming up in the next few months, fortnightly with an allowance for impromptu events seemed the best idea. Obviously we can revisit if this does not work out.


How do I get my reimbursement?

After each event a thread will be posted - either by an a command member or one of the involved FCs - in the reimbursement section. Using the RvB killboards, post a link to your losses in the relevant thread and within 72 hours the reimbursements will be handled. This may be in the form of a ship OR isk. 


Are there any conditions for Impromptu SRP events?

Ideally, try not to ask for every fight featuring BCs or Cruisers to be SRP'd, as that defeats the changes to reimbursement events and can interrupt our plans for future events.  We would also prefer that the - as it ever has been - majority of RvB action is funded by pilots themselves. If you as FCs want to fly doctrine type fleets, feel free to request that ONLY x or y hulls (say Vexors or Caracals etc etc) are reimbursed.


What about the Weekly Scheduled Brawls that replaced the weekly events when you guys had your senior moment?

Those can still happen, bonus LP will still be handed out to FCs running those at the appointed times, and if FCs want to request those as their impromptu SRP events, then have at it (again if a Drector or higher gives the okay)

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[RvB] Weekly Scheduled Brawls

15 Mar 2015



Yo dudes!


So as you know, the reimbursement events have been scaled back for various reasons including spiralling costs and an amount of individuals who were logging in only for the reimbursed hulls - so we changed things up.


We have scaled these back to once a month (as per this post) and are including a monthly reimbursed battleship brawl (see here).


We have allowed a few weeks for this to settle and see what effect this has had and I have come to the conclusion that the people with limited play time need something scheduled for guaranteed content in X place at X time – therefore we will be scheduling brawls which are not reimbursed but award people for FCing them.


These will be the same days and times as the previous reimbursement events as those are burned into our minds – therefore from now on:

  • Wednesday @ 20:00 – EU Cruiser brawl
  • Saturday @ 02:00 – US Cruiser brawl
  • Saturday @ 14:30 – AU Cruiser brawl


It is up to FCs to step up, fleet up and coordinate – anyone that FCs these will be rewarded 1000 BONUS LP

Of course, these will be overwritten by hull reimbursement events once a month – so pay attention to your calendars  :)


-          Yng


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Wreck Soccor event...

13 May 2015

Inspiration: watching two Mobile Tractor Units pass a wreck back and forth endlessly while mining...

2 MTUs will be anchored 100km apart at a safe in Poinen, one is the Red goal, the other is for the Blue. For this try the MTUs will be anchored by an out of Corp alt.

The side with the most wrecks within 5000m from their goal after 1 hour wins.

Prize: 500 mil isk split amongst the winning team.

Ships: use the free frigates in Poinen.

When.... Depend, but I am thinking Tuesday, May 19th at 01:00 eve time.

What I need... A team captain to help lead each side and people who want to have fun and be silly. And no... I don't know if it is better to shoot the other team, their wrecks, or your own teamates near your goal.

So post if you are interested. And yes, I'm a yank so it is soccor.

And we will go purple for balanced teams if needed.

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Community Meeting May 3rd

28 Apr 2015

FYI, the Community Meet will be held on Sunday May 3rd at 18:00 GMT (Eve time) on RvB Mumble.


Please see the following thread if you wish to have something discussed, please note that not everything will make the cut.



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Frigatus - 0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4

16 Apr 2015




Frigatus is a Frigate Hull theme, with an FFA component. Fleet & solo aspects come in to play.
0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4
Weekend Theme Rules
- Only Tech 1 (T1) Frigate Hulls are allowed. No Destroyers, Cruisers, BCs or BS hulls.
- Tech 1 (T1) Frigates means NO Tech 2 or Faction or Pirate Frigates.
- Tech 2/faction fittings are fine.
Unless an event is taking part at the same, then the rule is suspended for a short while.
- It is FFA in The Forge!
- FFA stands for FREE FOR ALL. All members are targets for everyone else. That means Blues can shoot Blues and Reds can shoot Reds. You cannot shoot members of the opposing corp if they are in your fleet. FIX YOUR OVERVIEWS!
- Pilots flying in The Forge, be they SOLO or In FLEET are covered by this theme. Flying Solo does not make you exempt. 
- Fleets have to be Purple, i.e. open to both corporations (To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must set the opposing corporation to good personal standing, and then select “based on standing – min standing = good”).
- Fleets can only contain a maximum of 10 pilots at any given time. To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must select “Application Requires Approval” in their fleet advert to control the number of pilots joining their fleet.
- Do not “Hide Details” on your advert. We want to see how many people are in the opposing fleets, to prevent accidental (or intentional) infractions. We know you’ll be in one of the four or five systems, flying frigates, with 10 or fewer people in your fleet. Hiding details on your advert doesn’t really prevent anyone from gathering intel on your fleet. It just makes it look like you are up to something nefarious.
- All other RvB Rules apply.
- All recorded Frigatus Weekend FC sessions on the weekend of 25th - 27th April will receive a bonus of 500LP as long as Frigatus is in the title and your fleet scored kills.
As it was mentioned earlier, this will be a FREE FOR ALL weekend, meaning members of your own corp, as well as the opposing corp will shoot you on sight. Unless you are fleeted with a pilot(s), they are fair game to you, and vice versa.
This weekend theme is a great opportunity for those of you testing out your Frigate solo skills, because everyone will be Frigates, and you’ll have to face, at most, only 10 other pilots. It is also a great weekend for newer players to step up and FC, and all you bitter vets to actually run a fleet again! You only have to manage a fleet of 10, and you’ll only be facing frigates with similar numbers.
Given we currently have the Free Frigate Summer ongoing, this Frigatus will be T1 frigates only.

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