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Frigatus - 0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4

16 Apr 2015




Frigatus is a Frigate Hull theme, with an FFA component. Fleet & solo aspects come in to play.
0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4
Weekend Theme Rules
- Only Tech 1 (T1) Frigate Hulls are allowed. No Destroyers, Cruisers, BCs or BS hulls.
- Tech 1 (T1) Frigates means NO Tech 2 or Faction or Pirate Frigates.
- Tech 2/faction fittings are fine.
Unless an event is taking part at the same, then the rule is suspended for a short while.
- It is FFA in The Forge!
- FFA stands for FREE FOR ALL. All members are targets for everyone else. That means Blues can shoot Blues and Reds can shoot Reds. You cannot shoot members of the opposing corp if they are in your fleet. FIX YOUR OVERVIEWS!
- Pilots flying in The Forge, be they SOLO or In FLEET are covered by this theme. Flying Solo does not make you exempt. 
- Fleets have to be Purple, i.e. open to both corporations (To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must set the opposing corporation to good personal standing, and then select “based on standing – min standing = good”).
- Fleets can only contain a maximum of 10 pilots at any given time. To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must select “Application Requires Approval” in their fleet advert to control the number of pilots joining their fleet.
- Do not “Hide Details” on your advert. We want to see how many people are in the opposing fleets, to prevent accidental (or intentional) infractions. We know you’ll be in one of the four or five systems, flying frigates, with 10 or fewer people in your fleet. Hiding details on your advert doesn’t really prevent anyone from gathering intel on your fleet. It just makes it look like you are up to something nefarious.
- All other RvB Rules apply.
- All recorded Frigatus Weekend FC sessions on the weekend of 25th - 27th April will receive a bonus of 500LP as long as Frigatus is in the title and your fleet scored kills.
As it was mentioned earlier, this will be a FREE FOR ALL weekend, meaning members of your own corp, as well as the opposing corp will shoot you on sight. Unless you are fleeted with a pilot(s), they are fair game to you, and vice versa.
This weekend theme is a great opportunity for those of you testing out your Frigate solo skills, because everyone will be Frigates, and you’ll have to face, at most, only 10 other pilots. It is also a great weekend for newer players to step up and FC, and all you bitter vets to actually run a fleet again! You only have to manage a fleet of 10, and you’ll only be facing frigates with similar numbers.
Given we currently have the Free Frigate Summer ongoing, this Frigatus will be T1 frigates only.

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DEATH DISCO - FFA Executioner Carousel, Apr 17th

10 Apr 2015



Greetings Internet Spaceship Warriors!

Operation brief: Space Disco comes into town! We'll have several hundreds of beam Executioners, filled with red lazors, yellow lazors, green lazors, purple lazors, any color you like! We'll make a giant Disco Ball of Death and shoot each other for some pretty explosions.

What is this all about? It's just something we were talking about 1 year ago, and I finally decided to put it into live. Beam lasers look really cool, especially when there are a lot of them! So, get your settings on max, overheat your fraps, and be ready for some groovy action!

Location: Poinen, exact location will be provided in fleet
Date and Time: April 17th, Friday, 2000 Evetime

Operation details:

This is an FFA happening. We'll make Purple Fleet for this event. You don't need to bring anything apart from your own pod.

The ships are being fitted right now and will be provided in fleet. We'll have a few hundreds of pre-fitted Executioners. All of them will have beam lasers, MWD, a bit of tank, and 6 different sets of crystals, so you can pick your favorite one or go rainbow! Moreover, each ship will have a NOS (albeit, nos has pretty tight fitting requirements, so not everyone will be able to online it).


  • Do not bring your own ships. Fitted and Armed Executioners will be handed over during the course of the event;
  • After receiving the ship, pilots will need to warp to flagship (Apocalypse) at 30km and start orbiting at 30km;
  • Pilots are not allowed to use any other orbit or perform any other maneuvers. Just hit the "Orbit at 30km" and leave everything else to autopilot;
  • Pilots are free to engage other pilots at will. It's FFA Event, so Reds vs Reds and Blues vs Blues are OK;
  • Flagship will use his Mighty Rainbow to send beams of love to various other pilots. Flagship cannot be aggressed until the culmination of the event (fleet will be informed about this moment);
  • When Flagship is called a primary, the whole fleet can shoot it. And after flagship is taken down, the FFA is continued until last man standing. At this point pilots are free to orbit the wreck using any distance they like up to 50km.

Don't forget to train the following skills - Amarr Frigate, Energy Turrets, and Controlled Bursts.


  • Pilot with most losses;
  • Pilot with most kills;
  • Final blow on flagship KM;
  • Top damage on flagship KM;
  • Last man standing after flagship is gone;

These persons will receive some nice souvenirs from me after event. Most likely in form of some amarr-aligned ships - Navy Slicers and Cruor.

So! Move yourself into Poinen next Friday, get your disco-beam Executioner, turn on your favorite Daft Punk track, and HAVE FUN!

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[RvB] Weekly Scheduled Brawls

15 Mar 2015



Yo dudes!


So as you know, the reimbursement events have been scaled back for various reasons including spiralling costs and an amount of individuals who were logging in only for the reimbursed hulls - so we changed things up.


We have scaled these back to once a month (as per this post) and are including a monthly reimbursed battleship brawl (see here).


We have allowed a few weeks for this to settle and see what effect this has had and I have come to the conclusion that the people with limited play time need something scheduled for guaranteed content in X place at X time – therefore we will be scheduling brawls which are not reimbursed but award people for FCing them.


These will be the same days and times as the previous reimbursement events as those are burned into our minds – therefore from now on:

  • Wednesday @ 20:00 – EU Cruiser brawl
  • Saturday @ 02:00 – US Cruiser brawl
  • Saturday @ 14:30 – AU Cruiser brawl


It is up to FCs to step up, fleet up and coordinate – anyone that FCs these will be rewarded 1000 BONUS LP

Of course, these will be overwritten by hull reimbursement events once a month – so pay attention to your calendars  :)


-          Yng


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Monthly Events. Fly Ships. Lose Ships. Get Free ISK.

04 Feb 2014



Holy mother of mercy! That's right, the popular Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder ((BLT) (…also known as Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) event will not be the only monthly hull reimbursement brawl!

The all new Cruiser Lightning Thunder ((CLT) (…also known as Chicken Lettuce and Tomato), two of them, have also been added. This gives RvB more action packed events throughout the month. All Tech 1 battlecruiser hulls will be replaced for BLT (Apart from Gnosis hulls). All Tech 1 cruiser hulls will be replaced for Cruiser events. So insure your ship and you could effectively make a profit on each loss! How cool is that!

The introduction of the reimbursed Cruiser events is a result of your hard work in helping us continue to maintain our POCO empire... All RvB profits go straight back to the community, POCO income is a large part of our revenue.

Without further ado, here is the monthly schedule for our reimbursed events:

CR - Cruiser Royale (EU TZ) - 20:00 EVE Time (UTC) Second Wednesday of the Month

BLT - Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder (US TZ) -  02:00 EVE Time (UTC) Second Saturday of the Month 

CfB - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Pacific TZ) -  14:30 EVETime (UTC) Second Saturday of the Month


FFF - Free Frigate Frenzy (US TZ) - 02.00 EVETime (UTC) Thursday


Battleship Brawl'n - Quarterly TBD

So stockpile those fleet cruiser hulls each month and get ready for the event(s) during your playtime.

FC volunteers for various time zones are on a first-come first-served basis. A command member (or registered FC) present for the event will need to start a thread in the reimbursement section of the events forum after the fight. Then members can post their losses for hull replacement.

RvB, the worst mining corp in New Eden.

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Memorial FFA for Dracoth Simertet

15 Mar 2015

Posted by Jiny in Events and Contests

Ladies and gentlemen of RvB...friends new and old...today I'm posting to invite you all to join me Friday, 20MAR2015 @ 22:30 for a farewell event to Dracoth Simertet. Together with several members of the community, and an all around good guy who has chosen to remain anonymous, we've assembled/fitted nearly 800 ships, a mix of destroyers and frigates (faction and non), which we shall destroy in glorious FFA style combat.



The place: Nomaa


The time: 2015.03.20 @ 22:30


The rules: Ships provided...no need to bring your own! Grab one from the bowhead alts that will be available, fight, explode, repeat until all 800 are gone!


Notes: There will probably be a serious moment at the beginning and a plug for the family's charity of choice, but otherwise this event is meant to be a fun gathering for us all to get together and be the community that Dracoth knew and loved. I apologize in advance if this is a bit late for the EU TZ guys, but this is the earliest I can commit to be available for hosting. I'm also aware of the fact that this will be fanfest weekend...but for those of us not lucky enough to attend and raise a glass in person to honor our friend, I hope this will serve as an acceptable alternative...

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