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[Video Contest] This is... RvB

Today, 03:42 PM



Media folks of RvB, RvB members with friends with media skills, RvB (and anyone else who cares to chip in) wants to give you PLEX!


If you do not live under a rock, CCP just released their new trailer for EVE: This is EVE. And its a douzy!  Easily the best trailer they have done. Period.


RvB would like something similar. 


Now we have in the past used the name This is RvB for a video that Catalyst XI made for us. Said video is bloody awesome - and always will be, but the game has moved on since then and so has RvB, so lets update that and make a new one given we've moved into our FIFTH year!


So what do we want?

We want a video, no longer than 5 minutes.

Must feature RvB action, comms, big fights, small fights, big ships, little ships.

Has to be epic.

RvB media must be included (our logos etc as found here)

Must include our website address: www.rvbeve.com


Apart from the above, go fucking crazy and make it as good as you can.  Does not need to be called "THIS IS RvB" as you can imagine every EVE video for the next few months is going to try the THIS IS.. thingy. 



What do you get?

10 Plex from RvB for the winning video

3 Plex from Mangala for the winner up

2 Plex from Mangala for the 1st runner up.

2 Plex from Mangala for the 2nd runner up.



When do we want these by?

I want to give you all plenty of time to capture footage/comms and so on, so your deadline is 11.00 UTC December 22nd. This will be followed by a poll in this thread of all submitted videos. The poll will run to December 31st. Following which the winner will be announced on New Years Day.



Need inspiration - or hell more footage to "borrow", see the RvB Youtube Playlist I try to maintain, and the RvB Ganked playlist I also maintain. Additionally if you have questions, or queries, post in this thread.

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Ganked 143: We Stand Absolute

17 Nov 2014



FC: Douglas Aurelius 
When: Saturday, 22nd November
Time: 18:30 form up / 19:30 Departure
Where: Stacmon / Ostingele 
What: Absolutions 
(See below for more information)
Doctrine concept:
I'm very happy to be back for a second go at FCing Ganked and this week we will be flying the most swag fleet in Eve, Absos. Rebalanced over the summer and remodeled into the Harbinger hull, the Absolution's robust stats allow it a combination of tank and dps out doing most battleships in this one amazing looking package. Rarely seen throughout Eve and not fielded by many groups this week will hopefully give many of you the chance to use one. This fleet will fly very close to the style in which the recent T3 fleet flew to amazing effect with modifications to the logi and support wings to better aid in its application and staying power. We will be remaining in lowsec for the duration of the roam so plan for a sec hit and fit your pod accordingly (*slaves, op).
The following fits are to be considered standard. It is highly recommanded that you fit Imp Navy (meta 9) EANMs to your Abso/T3. T2 rigs are only required on the guardian though it is recommanded to use them on every ship that has them listed. Remember that all C-type membranes and meta 9 active hardeners are equal, shop for the best deal. On top of whats listed in their holds every single doctrine DPS ship is to carry a Phased Muon ECCM Caster I with you!!!
Mainline Ships:
DPS: If you can fly an Abso bring it, I want as many as can be flown.
Logi: I want a 20% logi wing, I will push for this adamantly as this is not a fleet to be thrown into a grinder.
Primary: Onei: this fit will run at 3 minutes cap life everything on, this is stable with proper rep staggering. If unsure or logi 4 drop the sebo for a Small Capacitor Booster II and fill your cargo w/ Navy Cap Booster 400s
Support: I want at least 6 of each. Mail me if you are willing to fly one and what/if any alternate mainline ship you can fly then I will mail you back asap if you're needed.
- Points: Proteus - faction points are not needed but faction long points are very much appreciated. 
- Webs: Loki - Fed Navy Webs are very much needed for this fit, please don't fly this without.
Secondary Ships:
DPS: Listed in descending order of desirablity, tank, and cost
- DPS Legion: remember a Phased Muon ECCM Caster I 
- Navy Harb: remember a Phased Muon ECCM Caster I 
Logi: please fly the exeq over the aug
Support: please make an effot to fly one of the above before considering the following. Listed in descending order of desirablity. 
- Armor HIC w/ scripts: 3 Max
- ECM Tengu
- Ceptor: you will be scouting and getting pings for fleet, please don't fly if not willing to do so
- EWAR cruiser/EAF: prefer the celestis/keres

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Gunboat Mayhem, Mk I & II: two destroyer FFAs

15 Nov 2014

Posted by Zakhs in Events and Contests



Greetings fellow internet spaceship pilots. I'm going to run two Free For Alls events with destroyers (and some frigates for the Mk II version). All ships will be fitted and provided for free.



800 fitted destroyers (Catalysts, Coercers, Cormorants and Thrashers) will be available at two poses in Poinen. All are buffertanked and fitted with afterburners, scrams and shortrange guns.

The Mk II version will also feature a few hundred attack frigates.



The Mk. I version will start at 10:00 evetime on Friday November 28th.

The Mk II version will start at 21:00 evetime on Sunday November 30th.

Both events will end when we run out of ships.



The ships are provided at two poses in Poinen, one for Red and one for Blue. Main fight will be at Nomaa gate in Poinen.



  1. Be in Poinen.
  2. Join the purple fleet named Gunboat Mayhem. I will start it 15 mins before the event begins.
  3. Undock in your pod.
  4. In the MOTD, there will be a person functioning as a warp-in to the pos for your corp. Warp to him.
  5. You should land inside the pos forcefield, close to two Ship Maintenace Arrays named Mayhem I & II.
  6. Right click on one of the Ship Maintenace Arrays and select "Access Vessels". It should open a window with all the ships available in the Array.
  7. Right click on one of the ships and select "Board Ship".
  8. Go fight. When you die go back to 4.


Things to note:

  • This is a Free For All event. It means that you can (and are supposed to) also shoot members of your own corp.
  • All destroyers are fit with a buffer tank, afterburner, scram and shortrange guns. I tried to balance DPS to Tank ratio while also considering their speed and range of their guns. 
  • The Mk II version will also have a few hundred attack frigates available. The Condors and Executioners are fitted with a tracking disruptor. They are supposed to use their speed advantage to stay just outside range of the destroyer's guns but within scram range while slowly wearing the tank of the destroyers down.
  • The Atrons and the Slashers will have a web fitted. With autocannons and blasters fitted they will be able to out DPS the Executioners and The Condors by a fair margin. But if they come within the range of the destroyers they will melt away very fast. 
  • All fits have very low skill requirements, but for the frigates to work as intended you will need some decent skills.
  • If you are are very low SP player and find that you repeatedly gets ganked by higher SP players, you can use the "RvB NoobFleet" channel to setup your own small fight arena with other low sp players.
  • If you prefer 1v1s, use the "RvB Fight Club" channel to find likeminded players to fight.
  • Don't bring your own fits or change the fits. This includes changing the types of ammo provided. All ships have enough ammo for 10 mins of continuous fire. If you stay alive for more than this, you are doing it wrong.
  • You are allowed to dock up and rep modules and your ship.
  • You are allowed to warp out of a fight to stay alive. All ships has a scram fitted. Use it to prevent your target from warping out.
  • Implants: You don't need them. I've tried to balance the fits as much as possible. Running in Pirate sets or Genos would ruin the balance and make the event less fun for everyone else.


Hope to see you there!!!



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Last of the Burning Suns FFA

14 Nov 2014

Posted 19 May 2014 - 04:48 PM



So with Rhea on the way i thought we could give this last go a Mighty finish. We will have rounds i dont believe any ffa has had along with prizes that may shock you. I understand the short notice but Ill make it work if the community supports it.

So what time is it???? Its time  for another FFA Ophelia Style  with more prizes and rounds.

-If your new This event is round based each round presenting itself with specific ship types.  The top 5 last standing each round along with any random people are granted prizes from isk to ship hulls. So save those dates so you can come out laugh , have some tea, and watch explosions on your screen as chaos unleashes.

-Are you new and don't think you have what it takes? Well no worries we want to see new faces and these events aren't about the prizes.. They are really a learning experience. So come out and you may just win a prize for no reason. RvB is about having fun and making it more then a corp.. It's about learning and the experiences you have that make eve worth playing. 


-For any new rvbers and pvpers that come out i will have free ship hulls for you just for coming out.


- Please note that every round will have about an hour in between them.

Round one:
Venture ship FFA!
time/date:  , November 29th/17:00 , Josemento


Round two,three, and four:
Frig FFA

time/date: November 29th/ 18:00|19:00|20:00  , Josemento


Round five and six:
Cruiser FFA
time/date: November 29th/  21:00|22:00 Josemento

- any cruiser is allowed even tec twos. Only cruisers not allowed are tec threes.


Round seven:
Battle Cruiser FFA

time/date: November 29th/ 23:00,  Josemento

Rules:(Bring what your heart desires)





1) You must fly tec one ships(no tec two's unless stated in the round description) ... you can bring factional ships
2) For the frig rounds you can only have one rep on your ship. Multiple reps will disqualify you.
3) Fits must abide by RvB rules(no illegal ewar)
4) NO Complaining about lost ships or mods. Only fly what you can afford to lose and not get back.
5)Once you pop you can warp back to field at 100km in a rookie ship.
6) No cloaks .. In order to win you have to be shoot-able from the beginning to the end
7) Please do not warp to myself or anyone helping me set up for the next round unless told otherwise between rounds

- warping off will result in total elimination of the round

****note i will close the advert once the competition starts and it will not start until everyone in fleet is on field and visible. This way we cant have anyone join last second and win. The rest of the rules will be explained before it starts.

REWARDS(1st place): 
Round2: Dramiel
Round3: Exequor Navy Issue
Round4: ​Pirate Frig of your choosing
Round5: ​Armageddon Navy Issue
Round6: ​Vindicator
Round7: Archon


-random prizes go to 2nd , 3rd , and 4th and  5th place winners 
-all loot will be collected and given back to rvb to help make more ships to be put up on contracts. If you do wish to donate your special items on your ship it must be established before the fight starts.


- Random ship giveaways and isk giveaways will be done throughout the fights

As you can see many people have donated prizes for this event, however this does not mean I will not accept MORE. So contract or donate isk to me today!




~2,202,000,000 isk (ships)
~1,000,000,000 isk (isk)
0 (LP)




- This is a non profitable event. Every donation will be given out. If you can donate anything It would be appreciated. Your donation will not go unheard either.
If you can donate please donate them at the Josameto III station preferably to Ophelia YotosalaIf you cant donate at that station please at least donate in RvBs four main systems. Thank you



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Weekly Events. Fly Ships. Lose Ships. Get Free ISK.

04 Feb 2014



Holy mother of mercy! That's right, the popular Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder ((BLT) (…also known as Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) event will not be the only weekly hull reimbursement brawl each week.

The all new Cruiser Lightning Thunder ((CLT) (…also known as Chicken Lettuce and Tomato), two of them, will also be added throughout the week. This gives RvB more action packed events throughout the week. All t1 battlecruiser hulls will be replaced for BLT (Apart from tier 3 and Gnosis hulls). All t1 cruiser hulls will be replaced for CLT. So insure your ship and you could effectively make a profit on each loss! How cool is that!

The introduction of the reimbursed CLT events is a result of your hard work in helping us continue to maintain our POCO empire... All RvB profits go straight back to the community, POCO income is a large part of our revenue.

Without further ado, here is the weekly schedule for our reimbursed events:

CR - Cruiser Royale (EU TZ) - 20:00 EVE Time (UTC) Wednesday

BLT Jr - Battlecruiser Lightning Thunder (US TZ) -  02:00 EVE Time (UTC) Saturday - rotates with a Cruiser event every other week.

CfB - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Pacific TZ) -  14:30 EVETime (UTC) Saturday


FFF - Free Frigate Frenzy (US TZ) - 02.00 EVETime (UTC) Thursday

So stockpile those fleet cruiser hulls each week and get ready for the event(s) during your playtime.

FC volunteers for various time zones are on a first-come first-served basis. A command member (or registered FC) present for the event will need to start a thread in the reimbursement section of the events forum after the fight (  Then members can post their losses for hull replacement.

RvB, the worst mining corp in New Eden.

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