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28 September 2017 - 02:02 AM

WHAT:     Two cruiser-down fleets will form around the core of two EVE_NT 5-man fleet comps flown by our tournament pilots.  Each fleet will consist of the core (Battleship, BC, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate) + RvB pilots flying Cruiser Down joining the smallest of the two purple fleets.


WHEN:      Saturday Sep 30th @ 21:00


WHERE:  Josameto Arena

WHO:       RvB Tournament Pilots + All of RvB


Come join the RvB tournament pilots for a live practice on Tranquility in the Josameto Arena!  The more pilots we have the better, so jump in a Cruiser down and join the smallest purple event fleet!  Your FCs will likely be Zen Tsai and Metal Jack.  

EVENT: "10,000 Armor Plates" Sunday 8/27 22:00

25 August 2017 - 02:22 AM

Happy 10k kills to me!  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D 


We will be roaming Amarr FW low sec in heavy metal.  The comp should be something like the following:


25% Guardians/Augorors (2 Cap Transfers each)

60% Armor DPS (T1 Battleships > BC > Cruisers) all with plates, MWD recommended



Boosts (Repair and Resists, CS or BC)


ECM/Damps (Blackbird w/plate, Celestis, Maulus, Keres)


Recommended Augoror Fit


Adjust charges and ammo as required.  These are just examples.


Official Music will be ...



Listen to that song.  Get yourself psyched.  Watch the cheesy video and embrace it all. 

We're gonna have some fun.


✠ The only time we're gonna be easy is when we are KILLED BY DEATH!!!  ✠


Caveat Emptor:  FC will be Zen Tsai and he will not be entirely sober.  What you bring may very well die horribly, stupidly, embarrassingly, and FC may laugh/sing/not notice.  But won't intentionally burn the fleet.  Plan accordingly.


BONUS:  I will be making an announcement regarding some very exciting plans you won't want to miss!


If you can be there, RSVP with what you want to bring!  


11 August 2017 - 04:22 AM

I feel a tad guilty for patting myself on the back, but indulge me for a few lines and I'll tell you a story.


Tonight I hit 10,000 kills on the RvB Blue KB.


When I noticed 10k creeping up, it messed with my head a little to be honest.  Just imagining the time invested in a number like that.  I wondered if I should make a big event out of it or something.  Or should I try to make it a really epic solo kill?  And what's next for me after I hit 10k?  After a short (month) break from Eve at 9,997 kills, I decided to try to get into a PVP rhythm again and put the upcoming number out of my head.  


I decided to fit out an active Vexor w/MWD reinforced by Mid-Grade Asklepians and Standard Exile, loaded up the dirty schoolbus yellow Interbus skin, cranked up some Motorhead, and headed straight for Black Rise via Tama.   Fate must have been shining on me because I had a good roam.  


Enyo http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945218

Pod http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945217

Enyo again http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945216

Comet corpie http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945215

Enyo arrived late http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945214


Algos http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945228


After dodging the Algos' blob, I ran into a 13-man Eve Uni frigate fleet and decided to give it a go.  I managed to string them out a bit from the acceleration gate at a Medium and fought it out with them.


Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945224

Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945223

Incursus http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945222

Rifter http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945221

Tristan http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945220

Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945219


The rest bailed.  


[02:56:48] Zen Tsai > gf

[02:56:49] Argonis Loken > I burnt out my guns like 2 volleys before you were dead mate

[02:57:11] Zen Tsai > Luck counts too :)

[02:57:24] Argonis Loken > Seriously though, good shit

[02:57:28] Zen Tsai > o7

[02:57:36] Zen Tsai > 12% hull


So yeah, that was fun.  Gave me the full-on shakes, and I'm really happy that Eve Uni was involved. 


Thank you RvB for all of the amazing content you have treated me to over the years. 



CSM AT Commentators Predict RvB VICTORY in AT Feeder Match!

06 June 2017 - 03:38 PM

"I certainly wouldn't give (Requiem Eternal) the edge over RvB."  -Apothne


"Yeah, and I think everyone here is going to put their money on Red versus Blue." -Jintaan


"Oh yeah, for sure.  *sniff*" -Apothne


"They're going to threaten to make you seriously consider your chances if you are a top tier team." -Jintaan





EVENT: "Solo BS Fleet" Saturday 17:00 -- MJD Active Armor

01 May 2017 - 08:00 PM

Inspired by the results of our "Spontaneous Battleship Fleet"...









I will be taking another Battleship fleet out into Black Rise this Saturday, May 6 at 17:00.  Saturday 2:00 PM Eastern for our US bros.  Notice the convenient time for our European brethren.  For reference, we set out 3 hours before the CLT event.  


The concept is simple.  Bring a good BRAWLY "solo" BS sporting both STRONG Active Armor tank and a Micro Jump Drive (MJD).  No other prop mod required.  We will have 25% active armor boosts.  Also, we need at least 5 heavy neuts in fleet, so please fit accordingly.  At the bottom of our requirements, I would like to see a few smartbombs fitted to your high slots if feasible.  






This is what I'll be bringing.  It's cheap.  Bhaalgorns are selling at 100 million ISK below every other Pirate BS right now, and pirate BS's are super cheap right now.  Said and done, after paying for and receiving insurance, this fit is about 200-250 million ISK to lose.  I highly recommend bringing this fit.


Another of my favorite BS fits is this Tempest:


Tempest Dark Blood



This costs only 150 million after insurance.  You can drop the Dark Blood reps for Shadow Serpentis and knock another 40 million off the fit, making it an amazing buy at only 110 million ISK (total cost after insurance).  Also, feel free to drop the web for a Warp Disruptor II This is a good ship to bring on this roam.  


Tempest Serpentis



Tempest with Smartbomb



Armageddon Shadow Serpentis



'Geddon w/SB



Dominix -edit-






Meta Hyperion



Cheap & Cheerful Myrmidon Fit


If you bring a Battleship, be sure to bring drugs.  In your hold you should have 2 Standard Exile boosters or better.  I prefer Improved Exile in terms of ISK value.  Make sure you have enough cap boosters and ammo to reload EM and Explosive a couple times.  Also bring 2 Standard Drop boosters in case we encounter a frigate gang.  Mid-grade Asklepians and RP-703 go a long way on these fits but are only recommended, not required.  


Please feel invited and encouraged to submit improved versions of the fits posted and/or your own alternative/additional fits with active armor tank and MJD.


MJD Battlecruisers are also welcome and invited.  We have a commitment for perfect 25% armor boosts, from a name we'll reveal last minute for op-sec.  We need commitments from interceptor pilots (plural).  No logi or damps will be required this roam.  ECM (Falcon, Blackbird) welcome.  If you can't bring an active armor rep BS with MJD then bring an active armor Battlecruiser with MJD, or ECM cruiser, or an Interceptor.  If none of those are possible then bring an active armor cruiser, like the dual-rep Vexor.  http://rvbeve.com/fo...rs/#entry163354


We turn into a pumpkin at 20:00 so I will be dissolving fleet at 19:50, docking all ships where we end up, maybe close to high sec.  So be on time and get your fits together by 16:30 in Jita (or Piekura) please.  We head out from Jita at 17:00.  (Due to intel reports, original low sec insertion will likely not be used.  We will form in Jita.)  





'Knockin' at your Back Door


I can't deny it, with that smile on her face.

It's not the kill, it's the thrill of the chase.


UPDATE:  SRP!  10 million ISK Battleships?!?111


RvB has graciously offered to reimburse the first 4 battleship losses at at rate of 100 million ISK each!  I will chip in another 100 million ISK, and we will reimburse the first 5 battleship losses on this roam at at rate of 100 million ISK each!



This means if you fly the "Tempest Serpentis" detailed above, your losses will total only 10 million ISK!  Whaaaaat????  You heard right.  The first 5 battleships lost on this roam will be reimbursed at 100 million ISK to soften the blow.  Basically you are flying for free(ish), in a PVP battleship.  Keep it cheap, so we can (mostly) reimburse it and keep things fun.


Thank you RvB!