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Some Feedback on RvB content

06 October 2017 - 01:28 AM

1) Stop complaining about content when its not your preferred type. All content is good for the corporation and alliance.
2) Fleet Captain or you have no right to complain.
3) More purple fleets will create more consistent content. This in turn will help strengthen and grow numbers.
Corporations and Alliances exist in the EvE universe for one soul purpose, to create content for the members of that corporation/alliance and other players in the EvE universe. To have a strong thriving Corporation or Alliance you need consistent content. With those beliefs in mind I want to give some feedback regarding the content that RvB is creating for its members and other members of the EvE online universe.

First we have the Red vs Blue content. This is great and its what makes RvB unique in the EvE universe. This content brings great advantages but it also has its disadvantages at times. Almost daily we have complaints of fleet balancing, upshipping, and high grade implants. The effect of all of those things is a decrease in content at times, though in my opinion only a very small decrease. The real challenge that has the biggest impact decreasing Red vs Blue content is that compared to a typical corporation that only needs one Fleet Captain to create content for its members this type of content requires two Fleet Captains to create content for its members. That means compared to any other type of content in the EvE universe requiring a FC it is 100% harder to create this content on a consistent basis. If you are a player that believe this is the type of content that we should be focusing on and you are not stepping up as a FC on a daily basis then you are part of the problem. Become a FC and become the solution.

RvB already has a solution to the very problem of needing two FC's. That is Purple Fleets. This is something I feel isn't used enough. With the current size of the corporations and lack of FC's this should be our main form of content at the moment. If we only have one FC on they should be putting together a purple fleet and doing some kind of content. While this isn't the content that makes RvB unique, it is content. If every time people logged in their was a fleet to join doing some kind of content people would log in more often and new players would stay longer. This is what we all want. If anyone is creating any type of content, maybe its your preferred type or maybe not, their shouldn't ever be complaints about it. Content is being created. Content no matter the type is good for the corporation. If you complain about content that's being created that's not your preferred type, but you are not stepping up as a FC on a daily basis to creating the type of content you prefer, then you are part of the problem. Become a FC and become the solution.