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Providing Minerals for Indy

26 February 2018 - 01:24 PM

Just letting everyone know that I'm now providing minerals for RvB members at Jita Buy price!

Please hit me up with an in-game message or a discord poke if you have an Indy alt and want a stable supply of minerals 😀 you do need to be able to haul from Perimeter.



EDIT: I'm also interested in buying your ore if you have a miner. Again, message me if interested.

The Dramiel

08 December 2017 - 02:07 PM




Pretty straightforward. You do 5k m/s with the MWD. Catch kitey things and kill them, the AB is to escape if you get into hot water.






I absolutely adore this fit. You do 2100 with the AB cold and overheat to 2800. Against larger ships, orbit at ~15-17km, hold point, shoot, web things that get close to you. Against smaller ships, keep range at ~15-17km and do the same. You are extremely difficult to pin down thanks to your godly range control and speed. Highly recommend blinging the webs to faction as the extra range lets you web things right at your optimal. Fly with Halos or Sneks for extra lolz.


Avoid daredevils. They hard counter you.

RHQ:now stocked with stuff you can buy

16 November 2017 - 02:27 PM

Hello Reds and Friends of RvB (Blues, you can ignore this :P)

Just wanted to do a PSA to let people know that RHQ is now quite well stocked with important T2 and meta modules for frigs/Dessies. Who needs Jita when you can reship in the comfort of your own HQ?

I will periodically reassess market activity for these mods and resupply as needed.

Happy pewing!

Noobfleet Event: Gnostic Defenders

15 August 2017 - 12:29 AM

The purpose of this event is to expose our newbros (although everyone is welcome!) to various PvP mechanics all at once in a team-based, objective-gaming environment.


How it Works:


Two teams of DPS frigates in the Gnostic Defenders Arena in Otela. Each team has an FC in a support Gnosis that each orbit a mobile depot at 10-20 km (depending on field size). FCs are not allowed to break this orbit.


The purpose of the event is to destroy the other team's FC by any means necessary.


The Frigates:


The frigate fits are designed specifically to be very accessible to Newbros (minimal fitting skills necessary) and to fit the archetypes of PvP combat. They are also (I think) fairly well balanced against each other. The general types are as follows:



Fast frigates with MWDs and either long-range (kite) or short-range (anti-kite) weapons. Damage is low (kiters) to moderate-high (anti-kite). Great for harassing enemies, drawing them out of position, and creating a warp-in point for the rest of your team. Some of these will have utility mid slots that are used for EWAR (e.g. defensive scram, defensive web)



AB frigates with Scram/Web. Generally high damage. They will need their teammates to provide warp-in points to get to various areas of the battlefield, but have some staying power and high DPS to control the area once they're there.



Ultra-tanky AB frigates that generally fit high EHP builds or dual-rep active tank builds. Damage is moderate. These have by far the most staying power and will be able to maintain warp-in points established by the kiters/anti-kiters and spearhead short-range offensives.


If you are exploded, you will have to reship at Top Station in Josameto- adding a sort of natural "respawn time" to the event. Each team will get a limited number of reships - once your team has hit its limit, you get no more (and will probably-but not necessarily- lose).


The Gnoses:

These are EWAR-fit piloted by the FCs. As EWAR, they are a powerful force multiplier in fights within their effective range but are useless on their own. This role is geared more towards the players who have some PvP experience and want to dip their toes in FCing. It gives them a chance to practice their ability to give commands and execute a plan, while taking away the stress of flying a ship simultaneously.


There are 4 Gnoses fits, 1 for each EWAR type, for the FC to pick from. In order to encourage speedy matches, they are buffer fit rather than active tank. However, they will each have one hull repper (purposely inefficient) to regain some EHP when they're not under attack.


If a Gnosis goes down, that Gnosis' team will not be able to reship anymore. Their current ships on grid are welcome to try a "last stand" and take out the enemy Gnosis before dying!


The Referee:


The ref will be in a Sniper BS at a tac labeled "Referee Perch." They will keep track of how many ships have been lost on either side and give each side appropriate warnings when they are running low. They will alpha anyone who is breaking the rules!


If the match has not been decided in 20 minutes, the BS will open fire on both teams' FCs to speed things up.


The Rules:

They mainly have to do with where you can and can't warp:


1. You may warp to any bookmark in the Arena except for the enemy team's (e.g. as Team A, no warping to any BMs with Team B in the name)

2. You may not warp to wrecks. This is to establish the necessity of providing good warpins. The wrecks will be cleaned up by MTUs on the peripheries of the field.

3. Whenever you enter the Arena, you must warp in to your team's ground 0 (the mobile depot, where the FC is orbiting).

4. Once in the Arena, you may not warp off grid. Doing so will count as -1 reship for your team. Bouncing around the grid is fine e.g. you can warp back to your FC if you need reps.



4: You may only engage enemies within the Arena (no fighting on the station).

5. You may not loot any of the wrecks as these are the property of RvB. Salvaging is fine.


The Prizes:


There will be prizes for Newbro FCs! These change on a per-event basis and usually involve some combination of Faction Mods and Ship Hulls. You can also log your FC points in the Loyalty Store!







1. Can I bring my own fit?

1A. Since this event is meant to emphasize mechanics while being newbro friendly, all the fits will be provided by RvB. These fits are designed to be balanced against each other while giving players a variety of play styles.


2. Why no DPS Gnoses?

2A. I want the FC role to be a strong force multiplier but also reliant on their team to win. DPS Gnoses could conceivably just win a fight against frigates by themselves. It also exposes people to fighting with/against EWAR/Logi, which I think is a good thing.