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Upwell 2.0 Structure Changes 13 Feb 2018

19 January 2018 - 01:40 AM

LINK to Dev Blog


Change Summary


1. Vulnerability and Power State

-If there is a service module online, the structure is in a "full power" state,

-if there is no service module online, it is in a "low power" state.

-Low power has no armor reinforcement cycle, while full power has increased resistances and all 3 normal layers.

-Low Power and Full power are visible externally from the structure in space (on grid)


Shield is Attackable 24/7, armor will happen the following day during the defenders selected time zone (appx 24-48 hrs) if it is in fullpower (has a service module active), otherwise, if there is no service module active, it goes directly to its final timer

the hull timer will happen during the vulnerable day of the week AND time zone selected by the defender.




15 minute repair is still the same, tethering etc still same.


2. Weapons, Fitting, & Fighters


-  Citadels used carrier fighters, but had no damage mods or bonuses for them,  so now there are Citadel-only fighters that are usable only by structures with their own bonuses and stats

- this means On Day 1 you have to upgrade, build, buy, etc, the new structure fighters, the old will be useless in your citadel


-there will be adjustments to fitting room on citadels and new fitting modules, and T2 modules for citadels, this will add pressure to fitting space and decisions

-lock range is extended to 400 km (some modules, such as missiles, could hit to 600km, but lock range was only 350km....). Modules/rigs can increase this to up to 490km

-Void Guided Bombs will become normal Structure Guided bombs after patch

-New Ewar to replace the feature of the void bomb is the Energy Neutralization Burst Projector, just like on Supercarriers, so they are also addingon other superweapons with a charge up, aiming point, AOE effect, and the varieties of: weapon disruption, target painter, energy neutralizeation, ECM jammer, sensor dampening, stasis webification, and warp disruption. 

- Forts and Keeps (Large and XL ) will also get the GTFO, the thing that transports a portion of the targett area to a random spot in the solar system. This will also still work in HISEC!!!!

-Scrams and Webs will get a long cooldown, dev blog currently plans on a 30 second active, 60 second cooldown estimate.


-Rigs cannot be removed while structure is damaged

-After Anchoring but before the 15-minute online vulnerability cycle, there will be a 5-minute timer during which you can board and fit the structure, but not activate modules or fighters, meaning that there is always a chance for it to shoot back!



-NPC Corps and FW militias can go on ACLs as a group

-launching or controlling fighters is considered agression by citadel tethering systems, so you will break tether unless they are abandoned or recalled.

-you can Self Destruct your pod in station if the citadel has a clone bay, like in NPC stations

-Mild acknowlegement of Asset Safety stupidity, slight adjustment of cost.


In the future BPO Lockdown will be possible, but not this patch



Moon MIning in J Space & Hi Sec

will come this patch to Wormholes and .5 Security Hi-sec, with mostly standard mineral ores and low quantities of common moongoo ores normally found in low and null sec.

This will not be mechanically different from low/null moon scanning and extraction.

Doctrine + Skill Plan

10 January 2018 - 05:50 PM

This is a base skill plan that all RVB members can use to get them into the minimum ships first, then into full doctrines, and finally into better ships and mods.


Deviations are fine, but the rough guide and ship progressions are below.


Ship Doctrine and Goal Progression


The Goal is to get you into the basic ships for shield and railguns, plus t1 frigates and logi cruisers of both tank types, this is a MINIMUM.

All members should be able to fly at least 1 shield, 1 armor frigate, as well as the Augoror and Osprey.



1. Ship Skill Progression

This will tell you what you can fly at what point in the skill plans below




2. Doctrine Progression

This is our core doctrine preferences, ignoring the other ships trained in the course of reaching those ships


Minimum Required: Merlin - Punisher -  Augoror - Osprey 

Mainline T1/Faction Doctrines: Ferox -  Omen

  -> T2 Gangs + Support Goals: Bombers > Electronic Attack Frigates + Force Recons

Next Doctrine Goal: Projectiles: Hurricane, Tornado, Tempest, Maelstrom

  -> Advanced Doctrines : Basilisk - Gila RattleSnake - Guardian - Confessor - Legion - Loki




3. Skill Plans


Basic Skill Starter




Upgrade to Doctrine Minimal Skills



Weapon and EWAR Crosstrain



Racial Expansion



Core + Support Upgrade



Weapons Upgrade



T2 Cruiser Down + T3D



BS Upgrade



Strategic Cruisers





End of Guidance

Get your final support navigation, engineering, and EWAR skills, plus gunnery, drone and missile skills to 5, and T2/T3 Ships to 5. This will take a couple of years……


If you want to take a break or work on Links (Command Bursts) or Scanning, or other skills, that is not included here but useful. The core is T2 logi cruisers, and BC down DPS and ewar.

Faction and Ship Class Meta Primer

22 December 2017 - 08:55 AM


Santa's Last Minute Letter 2017

22 December 2017 - 04:32 AM

IF you have been a good boy, girl, person, thing capsuleer type, please state what you would like to get from Santa this year, I'll try to put in a good word, I'll overnight the list to his mailbox. Espeially if you are a poor kid with no fun toys that couldn't participate in our gift exchange.

Mothership Monday - 27 November - Dessy Reimbursements

27 November 2017 - 09:47 PM

Will pay up to 8 mil per dessy lost during event today. Post em