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28 February 2018 - 03:57 PM

It all varies, in general there are more blues, but right around 21-2300 Reds outnumber blues. 

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27 February 2018 - 09:37 PM



Yes he has access to 20 m SP, no he cannot fly a perfect slicer. TLDR the 5 million SP limit is "free training limit" and the 20 million SP is a hard "access limit" to a specific set of alpha skills, meaning some skills for navigation, tank, SC command, etc, will be below 5 even if trained above that. 


HOWEVER! At current prices, what I recommend for most returning high SP players who want to come back to the game, is dip your toes in, if you really want, I am sure you have at least half a bill in ships or ISK around. Get a skill extractor or two, extract up to two million SP (while alpha status it will have to be those Omega accesible skills only) then sell the injectors for PLEX and a couple new extractors, that PLEX will earn you back somewhere in the neighborhood of ....2 Mil SP!


At the current price, if you stay in HG implants and buy/sell direct to the market, you will come out about even, if you set up a buy/sell order bc you have the patience and ISK to do so, you can earn a tiny bit of extra ISK.  basically you trade the ability to earn any new SP for access to all the SP that is blocked by your Alpha status. 

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04 February 2018 - 03:33 PM



Boom Boom!

In Topic: 18 Months + of game changes - Catch me up!

01 February 2018 - 02:52 PM

oh yeah, lol the "details" haha




Squads are not limited in size, but fleets are iirc,


The isotope thing is big for BLOPS and caps, you can go a little further, but it costs more,


Alphas are cross-racial capable and T2 medium and small gun capable, which i really like for an NPSI setting as far as frig and cruiser gangs in pirate hulls, IF they know what hulls to train for, 

the math breaks sdown to where some of the pirate hulls can be trained to basic skills and t2 guns for the free cap (5 mil SP) but not optimally, and definitely not more than 2 weapon types or 2-3 races of cruiser size under 5-6 mil mil SP.


I saw you aska  question about boosts, so here are the big takeaways there:


1. No more command mindlinks and command skills that give passive generic boosts, it all depends on mods, the mindlinks and skills only affect mods range, effectiveness, duration, etc. 

2. You have to be on grid, with mod active, it gives you timers just like other remote effects, this is big for roam fleets or skimishing since you do not always want your booster activcating for small fast hits when you might burn back to gate or warp then jump the next gate.

3. You do not have to be in a booster position, so you can boost whole fleet.

4. Command Burst Modules are divided by boost type (Armor, Skimish, Shield) and load ammo for a specified Effect (resist boost, HP boost, repair speed, sensor strength etc) reload is long, but you fit 300 charges at once with about a minute long activation time and over a minute long effect with good skills. 

5. Command Processors are now a rig, not a mid slot module.


For this reason you do see more command ships and T1 BCs, there are no off grird boosters, you will more than likely see 2-3 boosters in a bigger fleet so that they still tank and perform well while providing all the major boosts for the fleet type.


Rose covered th  T3C change well, and there is another "pass" of the T3C inbound this year to make sure they unfuck and then refuck totally different aspects for the following year.

In Topic: 18 Months + of game changes - Catch me up!

31 January 2018 - 08:23 PM

Any other major topics that have hazy details We'd be happy to help :D