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Some current EvE suggested changes and their Threads

10 February 2019 - 05:01 PM

Just some things I wanted to see if any RvB chars cared about or had opinions on.




My suggestion: 

"As someone who has been playing on and off since about 2007 I agree it has become dull.


here are some changes that I have and others said before.


Make Marauders into either tactical battleships or strategic battleships (Following the logic design of Tech 3 dessies or tech 3 crusiers, just keep their current bonuses if turned into a tactical battleship with the three mods or make whole new subsystems if turned into Strategic battleships)

add bation II (Tech 2 Bastion, just better bonuses for ALOT more CPU, PG and cap use, longer cycle time too)


Add power rerouting abilities like in star trek bridge commander (When rerouting power away from systems, there is a cool down to re-reroute power equal to ship class size, for example, a titan 15 minutes, a frigate 1 minute. etc)


Add rigs that modify slot layout of ship without adding cpu, pg or launcher/turret hard points. (For example, for 400 calibration add 2 high slots, etc, this would also limit the potential im-balancing issues by limiting it to ships with 400 Calibration to start)


Edit: Also

Dscan is to strong, limt max range to 8 AU/s

Local intel is too strong: new changes.

Local chat updating time delay added from server to client:
0.5 and Higher: 10 second delay in updating
0.1 to 0.4: 20 second Delay in updating
0.0 and lower (Excludes abysmal space and wormhole): 30 (or 35) seconds delay in updating.





Unfortunately this one is now locked but:


"I just dislike that, while its not quite false advertising, when your an alpha account somewhere is says “Get Omega for 2x the training speed” or whatever.

So while it might be two times faster from an alpha’s perspectives, its actually just THE REGULAR SPEED for anyone that was playing a Paid account before ALPHA came out, so you know mayBE youd have a lot more PAYING people if alpha was regular speed and Omega was really TWICE as fast as Vet omega’s are used 

to. ““Meh””


Just trying to get you more money right???


Edit: or you know just finally make it the full blown pay to win that’s already Warp speeding/hyperspacing to anyways and do an Elitist Vet account, Pay Double regular monthly$$ sub to get 2x current Omega speed."





Post ""Mehs" to demonstrate training!!

Celaq is fo sale!

19 June 2018 - 03:41 PM

bet you all so happy, :P







This thing, its going to happen

16 May 2018 - 12:06 PM

So like, when we gate camp, I like to be in a rapier or hugging, the problem is when you have a warp disrupt and 3 webs is that the target is usually dead before i lock it.


So this will happen, Ill take off a web and a disrupt for 2 sebos and then cause its RvB I will somehow lock the target and web off grid before anyone else points it.




So it has been for-told, it will happen, so I guess Ill just stick with 3 webs and a disrupt and get on 1% of the kills :D :D :D



Soo. Um.. Whats with all the special Snowflake Rage?

02 May 2018 - 03:10 PM

So what's with CCP/EVE being DDOS'ed so much last 3 to 9 days.


What nerds and where lost their super shiney pixels and or were tricked into giving access to all their citadels? (and are salty)


Is there a story or is it just random bots attacking, random haxzors cause they can??




25 April 2018 - 12:44 PM

And so, many have heard that I am Terrible and bad.


But you know what is better than just hearing it?


Notarized, Confirmed Proof.


So here you go.


Undeniable proof that I am terrible.




I was bored and wanted to see if pi-wats would come off 4-4, but I bounced off gate and died 1.875 km from jumping.


See, I told you I was bad, you need to believe me when I say it! :P   :wub: