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Rules Change coming!

16 October 2018 - 03:53 PM

As of the community meeting on Saturday.



The vote was to Bring RvB up to speed with the rest of Eve and declassify the ecm and podding rule.


These rules can be changed back if its found to have a damaging effect.



Two votes were discussed,



ECM due to the new mechanics in game it's no longer as bad as it was.


Vote was 100% for Allowing rule to be dropped.



The podding rule due to instant jump clone in home HQ stations learning implants can be swapped out when logging into the game and then swapped back when logging off.


There will be Srp put in place by vets if a new bro forgets to change over clones but This will be handed out once ( Learning implants only up to +4). If you haven't learned by then you not gonna get very far in eve I'm afraid.



This Went to vote and 2 people objected for the reason of people pod hunting. All I can say to that is you should be in a empty clone anyway. Any kind of an advantage over your opponent is still an advantage how ever you dress it up!




Regarding when these effects kick in will follow in a later post. We are hoping in time for the Crimson Harvest but not yet confirmed!



This is you first early warning what is happening so you have time to learn how to use such modules or learn how jump cloning in a Citadel etc works.


I will be asking metal jack to Run a class on ECM and how it works etc ( he is very good at teaching)


I will be running through how to arrange jump clones and use of citadels. Good clone management etc.


Cheers Nitro