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RvB Reward, Reimbursement, & Pay Programs

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Posted 01 March 2017 - 12:22 AM

This thread will explain the current policies on all reimbursement and reward programs within RvB.

Updated 1 April 2018



Monthly Insurance Reimbursement SRP!


Summary: All losses now qualify for an ISK reimbursement program on a monthly basis.

Values: Currently 1 M per Frigate, 3M  per Destroyer, 5 M per Cruiser, and up to 15M per BC loss. This is ABOVE the platinum insurance cost for every ship class listed, so as long as you buy insurance you get your hull value returned.

Rules: Be an RvB Member for the entire month you are claiming SRP for. For those joining mid-month, those that were lost while a member will count, you can still get some free starter ships, see below. This applies to Frigates, Dessies, and Cruisers, if the Program Donor and Manager have spare funds it may include additional payouts or BCs and BS.

How to Receive: Find the Monthly SRP thread in the Reimbursement Events section of the forums. Post the link to your killboard in that thread at the beginning of each month and wait.


BLT & CLT Reimbursement Events!


Summary: BLT & CLT are two events that will reimburse more the cost of platinum insurance for given ship type (T1 Battlecruisers for BLT and T1 Cruisers for CLT)

Limits & Values: Current reimbursement values are 17 million ISK for BCs and 8 million ISK for Cruisers as of 1 April 2018.  Prior Values were 12 and 20 Million, however the addition of the Monthly SRP brings teh total value recievable for a loss up to appx 32 M per BC and 13 M per Cruiser.

How to Receive: When the event is over, a thread will be posted on the Reimbursement Events section of the forums. Post the link to each of your losses in that thread and you will receive a direct ISK transfer.



Newbro Package: PvP in a Box!


Summary: All new players are entitles to a basic skillbook and frigate package.

Values: The skillbooks include all of 1 races skills for T1 cruisers and below, making it perfect for new players, alphas, or those expanding into new races, as well as 10 frigates of one particular race, pre-fitted.

Rules: 1 per player. Alts of an active main may receive extra skillbooks for Spaceship command, ISK making  skills, and for logi or EWAR basic skills that support a doctrine.

How to Receive: Contact any Noobfleet, Reception, or Training personnel with the race you would like to get in order to receive it.




FC Loyalty Point Store & FC SRP


Summary: This program allows all RvB members who act in an FC role to log their time and earn ISK. 

Values: The Current LP rate is 150 LP per hour,

-A bonous of 50% LP per event for BLT, CLT, and Certain Special Events will be applied by admins

-All other hisec, scheduled events will get a bump of 25% LP if you volunteer to FC and schedule the event ahead of time.

- Current Rewards are 60 million ISK per 225 LP or  600 Million ISK for 2100 LP, and we have also added on the option of buying PLEX and other items directly through the LP store at a limited rate based on current prices. These items will change in LP cost based on current prices, but will generally follow the approximate value of direct ISK options.

SRP: We will also pay you  80% of your losses value (by zkill estimate) each hour, up to 20 mil per hour in reimbursements for the FC.

Rules: The system will flag events based on kills, deaths, and times. If you have less than 3 RvB members in fleet and do not have 1 kill, 1 loss, or more every 30 minutes, your points will be reduced, invalidated, or will require admin override to award. We will unlikely override underpayment if you fail to kill and lose ships. This is more incentive to take fights, and fight in hisec where fights are easier to find.

How to Receive: Command a fleet, login, and shoot stuff. Log using EvE SSO at lpstore.rvbeve.com 

-Each month the total of your reimbursable losses while logged as an FC will be paid out, rather than with each fleet session.

-You may exchange LP under the rewards tab in the LP Store at any time, and it is usually paid within 1-3 day by contract 'on behalf of' either Red or Blue corporation wallet/authority. Accept the contract to receive your items and ISK, which are located at each Corp HQ or Purple HQ in Josameto




Action + Medal Rewards!


Summary: 25 to 50 million ISK rewards given to FCs or members on demonstration of bravery, skill, or conspicuous accomplishment. In the absence of direct nomination, these will be spread between the most active FCs, veterans, and new members as equally as possible to reward each within their scope.

Limits & Values: Per member, per medal, no Grandfathered awards. 

How to Nominate: Go to the Recognition & Commendations Section of the forums, and see the monthly nomination thread. Post the name and narrative as best you can and voila!

How to Receive: Mail your Medal officer for the objective achievement of milestone medals, or be subjective nomination by your fellow members.

Subjective nominations will be awarded at command and FC discretion. Here are some examples.

     Weekly: FC of the Week, New Member of the Week

     Monthly: Best New FC, Top Killer in Corp

     Medal: Hero Tackle, 1000 Kills!

     Hero: A Member or FC who brings something worth rewarding that doesn't fit in the categories above. Finding a good fight, volunteering to do something, just being awesome.



No Newbro Left Behind Act &  Member Access Hangar Roles


Information: Any New, Low SP Player, who lacks ISK and the Alt Characters or knowledge necessary to make it, to receive multiple low cost (meta or T1 fitted) T1 Frigates or Destroyers through a member access hangar or direct contract from the corporations Noobfleet with no charge. 


     Other members may also, based upon participation in events or fleets, be given this hangar access. All Command Team members can give access to "Member Hangar 1" at each corp HQ or at Purple HQ in Josameto, or one of our lowsec formups or reship Offices to give out free cheap ships, war ships, or free logi and EWAR for roams.


Some events will grant you access to this hangar temporarily, so you may have access revoked after the event or fleet is over. These will also be stocked at certain frequently visited low sec areas for quick and easy reships.


Limits & Rules: You must only take one ship at a time, with teh exception of new/low SP players, who may take up to 3 at a time to speed up reships. Once you lose that ship, or all 3 if a "Newbro", you may grab another. If you receive lots of loot and don't explode, you may return the ship to a command member to place in the donations hangar, and pickup another if the fleet changes composition or type. This will help us so that we know it needs repair or more ammo and drones. Feel free to drop the loot to command as a donation if you would like to.


Qualification as a Newbro requires you to be an Alpha or have less than 20m SP through your Eve-board. For Newbros, attendance of some form of PvP or ISK making coaching by a member or Officer is required for continued usage. Newbros AND all other members with hangar access must show continued participation in hi-sec RvB activites (scheduled or not). This means you must actively be killing and losing these ships in RvB fleets in RvB Space, with occasional use in RvB lowsec fleets that will not count against you, provided you are active in hisec as well. Demonstration of repeated solo or unaffiliated RvB kills/losses, or audits showing removal of excessive ships without loss/kills, will result in ISK reimbursement to RvB or a permanent ban from RvB or, at minimum, banning from all reward programs.

How to Receive: Talk to your FC or a Command member in fleet for Hangar 1 access in your corp HQ, or a Noobfleet Officer.







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Posted 14 November 2017 - 04:48 PM

Updated and Accurate for December 1st 2017 Changes

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