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RvB Rules

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Posted 21 February 2017 - 03:45 AM

Last Updated 13 Feb 2019
1) Dont Be a Dick. 
Treat others as you wish to be treated. Do not smack nor talk down nor bully those around you. Do not crash events, use abusive ships & implants against those less rich, and listen to command when in doubt.
2) Honour arranged fights. Honor Your Word.
They should be held at a planet or moon agreed upon by the participants. If you find other players fighting at a planet or a moon, do not engage until one of them engages you. If you agree to something, whether it is normally within the rules or not, honor your word, including ransoms and agreements.
3) Do not engage RvBers when Purple is ON.
For special circumstances or 3rd party wars, Purple Status will be declared ON, this means that Red and Blue ceasefire and are temporarily allied.
If a 3rd Party War Target is on grid or in system, do not fire on a member of RvB. Always check R-V-B & Corp channels for Purple status when you log in and every so often after that. 
4) No Fighting RvB members in JITA.
Stay out of Jita. Use a hauling service or an alt to go there.
5) No Neutral Logi, Neutral fleet boosting, or Neutral probing
All are welcome against third party war targets, but not against RvB members.
6) No Pirate or Faction Implants against RvB members
All named Pirate and Genolution implants, including all varieties of low, mid, and high grade implants for slots 1 through 6, all named enhancements, and Genolutions, are banned by default against RvB members. Only an officer acting as an FC with coordination, or a member agreeing to an arranged fight may override this rule for that particular engagement. Fitting implants and learning sets (attribute enhancers only) are allowed, but remain at the owner's risk. There is no restriction of implants outside of RvB fights against 3rd parties.
These rules are intended to address common questions and make RvB more fun for everyone. Be aware that behaviour found to be detrimental to the overall RvB experience (i.e. being a dick) will result in some combination of requests to stop followed by the conversation or punishment by RvB Command Members. Ignore your command members at your own risk.
Burden of Command
Our Rules are kept simple on purpose and all of them extend from the desire to reduce necessary "policing" by command members as much as possible and promote the good and (mostly) fair fights. 
No Smack Talk
Don’t smack talk or otherwise complain about unfair fights, the other team shipping up / refusing to ship down, blobbing, ganking, camping, sniping, obvious bait, or anything else. Command members have a channel to deal with all of those things and you aren’t helping them by spamming corp, RvB, fleet, or local. A Director, Executive, or Combat Coordinator may request that you stop being a pain in the ass; ignore this request at your own risk.
Complaints or Mediation Against Other Members
We have a limited access forum section where you may complain about the actions of others rather than argue with them in local. This is to keep the chat channels clean and allow grievances to be dealt with in private. Bring serious grievances to our attention by a post in the "Mediation Section" of the forums.
Third Party War Targets
Do whatever you want to them. Pod them, use ECM on them, do whatever you can to make them as miserable as possible. Set up your overview to distinguish between Reds/Blues (-5 Bad Standing) and 3rd Party WTs (-10 Horrible Standings). Such an overview is posted in our Corporation Bulletins in game. Both are war targets ("Pilot is at war with your corporation/alliance), but you can use the standings to distinguish them, and color them however you like.
Camping Enemy HQs
Station camping is permitted , But if your presence on the HQ prevents fights or events from happening, an officer may instruct you to stop camping and you must comply promptly.
Fleet / Combat Balancing
RvB FC'S and Command Members will often balance ship types and fleet sizes. You may be instructed to ship up, down, or join an opposing fleet and you should comply promptly.
Looting Policy
Loot is a free for all with two exceptions:
a. Loot at special events remains the property of RvB and is collected using a MTU. 
b. The active FC's word on loot is final.
Fleet participation is on the FC. If you refuse to comply with reasonable requests you may be kicked from the fleet. 
If you are roaming space and see someone listed as Blue (+5 or +10) to RvB do not engage them.
What is Purple Status?
Purple Staus is when Red & Blue ceasefire and join forces, including:
Fighting 3rd party's in home systems or sanctioned fleets.
Setting up a Free For All Fight or during special events or occurrences.
Purple Status is Active When:
When a 3rd party war target or those with TERRIBLE standings are on grid
When the PURPLE message in Corp & R-V-B or RvB Community has been changed to ON.
During Purple, you should do the following:
STOP any hostile actions unless instructed otherwise. Immediately join any purple Fleet and engage war targets and reship if necessary.
If the PURPLE status in Corp & R-V-B has changed wait for it to change back
If a PURPLE fleet is to be formed wait for an invite, do not keep spamming R-V-B/Corp for an invite unless directed to
Know if a 3rd party war target is on grid
A correctly setup overview, available in the corporation bulletins, has the following:
-Red or Blue as an orange bar (or a blue or red bar depending on taste) - orange as this reflects the -5 standing each corp is set to by the other;
-3rd Party War Targets as a flashy red bar;
-10 standings to RvB as a solid red bar;
When is Purple turned off:
1) When it is turned off in the MOTD
2) When 3rd party is dead or off grid in anyway, you should ideally all scatter off grid too, let folks repair and so on. Do not linger and die as a straggler or gank RvB members if they just tussled with a 3rd party.
Concerning fights and fleet commanding
1) Anyone can FC or find a solo fight, anytime.
Use RvB Community chat and comms to find a fight, whether you are an FC or alone. Do not simply expect content to come to you, especially while docked and not actively communicating that you are looking for a fight. So undock and communicate.
2) Fights do not have to be arranged.
It is quite acceptable to decide to roam unannounced or camp a gate if you so please.
3) Arranged fights do not have to be clinically planned.
If an imbalance is present(1) ship up, (2) adapt fit, composition or tactics, or (3) make both fleets purple and borrow a few members.
Do whatever is best and gets members SHOOTING, rather than sitting in station waiting for 2 more players.
Standard RvB rules will apply anywhere - Please continue to respect corporations/players who are inside of or Blue to RvB
The R-V-B channel is our window to the outside world, ABSOLUTELY no trash talking allowed in the channel!

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