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Red vs Blue Reunion Weekend: October 27-29, 2017

03 Oct 2017

From October 27th to 29th, we will be running nightly events and an open invite to all former and present members.


Details will be finalized and released later, and will include at least one major arranged RvB fight, one FFA, and a big roam.


Please look up your contacts and invite all those who may be interested.


I will be inviting a dozen near and dear old friends, so please reach out to anyone you remember but haven't seen in a while.


This will all be chill, fun, easy, good times!

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The Tyrian Trophy 2017

28 Sep 2017

I am proud to announce the next "The Tyrian Trophy"  
 This year we are hosting it as a 3v3, Cruiser down, Double-elimination format. Due to time and organization constraints, this will be a closed event within RvB.
Details will follow, so watch this thread. The date is currently set for 22 October 2017, x up as captain or team member for RvB no later than 13 October 2017.




Server: TQ
Systems: To Be Announced 



Seeds, & Brackets:





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28 Sep 2017

WHAT:     Two cruiser-down fleets will form around the core of two EVE_NT 5-man fleet comps flown by our tournament pilots.  Each fleet will consist of the core (Battleship, BC, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate) + RvB pilots flying Cruiser Down joining the smallest of the two purple fleets.


WHEN:      Saturday Sep 30th @ 21:00


WHERE:  Josameto Arena

WHO:       RvB Tournament Pilots + All of RvB


Come join the RvB tournament pilots for a live practice on Tranquility in the Josameto Arena!  The more pilots we have the better, so jump in a Cruiser down and join the smallest purple event fleet!  Your FCs will likely be Zen Tsai and Metal Jack.  

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One of Each Please!

01 Sep 2017

At the moment our numbers are fluctuating faster than my belly!

So for this month I personally would like to see the purple killboard have on of each kill on it! Yes some will be hard and other near impossible for how we are but if you never try you will never know!

So if you see numbers are low pick a target i.e. One off the ship types on the list and go kill it! It doesn't have to be a RvB member in the ship that gets killed!

And yes there is some boring kills to be had aswell i.e. Pos kill etc I will advertise these well in advance and I will try and make these As fun as possible!

I will post updates when I can!

I will add a target each day the first one to post the kill link in here gets a prize! You don't have to be final blow or top damage you just need to be on the kill!

Make that board turn green people!


Much love nitro

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31 Aug 2017


NO mods restrictions (except ECM)
The ones blown up can return (warp to arena center) in a "stock" noobship (two turrets, multiple times) and re-join the fight shooting haulers
NO podding (be in a clean clone in case of smartbombs:)

Staging area:
Josameto, September 9th 2017, 1900 EVE time
100km Arena (or more if needed)
NO warping

1st - Last Hauler Standing - Myrmidonhull
2nd - Wolfhull

3rd - Jaguarhull

Most Noobship kills - Harpyhull

1st to get blown up - Sigil full of stuff

Most Hauler killing blows with Hauler - Maledictionhull

Most Hauler killing blows with Noobship -  Taranishull

Everyone else - Fitted Merlin, Kestrel, Incursus or Rifter


Program & Details:

We form a purple fleet and meet in the arena, take positions around arena center. When all are ready we start shooting. Those who are blown up can warp to a station and jump in the free noobship they get, then warp back to the arena center and start hunting remaining haulers (NO WARPING TO FLEET MEMBERS ALLOWED). Haulers can shoot noobships. If you get blown up in your noobship, just get another one and come back in action. You are free to fit two turrets on the noobship (dock, strip fitting, trash noobship, undock and re-dock again, fit 2nd turret=double DPS!!!). Bring lots of ammo.


Post your Hauler loss-mails and kill-mails below to claim your prizes.


Feedback and suggestion are welcome!

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