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Noobfleet Event: Defence of the Cruisers (or a better name)

Yesterday, 12:29 AM

I had a quick chat with nitro about this but I wanted to open it up to the forum. I'd like to run this event on Aug 19th and maybe make it a semi-recurring event if it's popular!


FAIR WARNING: I've put a lot of thought and work into this, so this will be a LONG post. I hope it gets everyone else as excited as it's gotten me!


The purpose of this event is to expose our newbros (although everyone is welcome!) to various PvP mechanics all at once in a team-based, objective-gaming environment.


How it Works:


Two teams of DPS frigates on a pre-created field of battle that consists of two bookmarks in space a certain distance apart. The field will be bigger as the teams are bigger (small = 200 km, medium = 300 km, large = 400 km). Each team will have an FC in a support cruiser that orbits each bookmark at 10-20 km (depending on field size). FCs are not allowed to break this orbit.


The purpose of the event is to destroy the other team's FC by any means necessary.


The Frigates:


I've designed a number of frigate fits, each ~3 mil, for the purposes of this event. They're designed specifically to be very accessible to Newbros (minimal fitting skills necessary) and to fit the archetypes of PvP combat. They are also (I think) fairly well balanced against each other. I will post example fits below. The general types are as follows:



Fast frigates with MWDs and either long-range (kite) or short-range (anti-kite) weapons. Damage is low (kiters) to moderate-high (anti-kite). Great for harassing enemies, drawing them out of position, and creating a warp-in point for the rest of your team. Some of these will have utility mid slots that are used for EWAR (e.g. defensive scram, defensive web, TP, etc.)



AB frigates with Scram/Web. Generally high damage. They will need their teammates to provide warp-in points to get to various areas of the battlefield, but have some staying power and high DPS to control the area once they're there.



Ultra-tanky AB frigates that generally fit high EHP builds or dual-rep active tank builds. Damage is moderate. These have by far the most staying power and will be able to maintain warp-in points established by the kiters/anti-kiters and spearhead short-range offensives.


If you are exploded, you will have to wait out your combat timer before reshipping - adding a sort of natural "respawn time" to the event. Each team will get a limited number of reships - once your team has hit its limit, you get no more (and will probably-but not necessarily- lose).


The Cruisers:

These are support cruisers (Logi, EWAR) piloted by the FCs. As support, they are a powerful force multiplier in fights within their effective range but are useless on their own. This role is geared more towards the players who have some PvP experience and want to dip their toes in FCing. It gives them a chance to practice their ability to give commands and execute a plan, while taking away the stress of flying a ship simultaneously.


I have 6 different cruiser fits for the FC to pick from (shield logi, armor logi, 1 for each of the 4 EWAR types). In order to encourage speedy matches, they will be buffer fit rather than active tank. However, they will each have one hull repper (purposely inefficient) to regain some EHP when they're not under attack.


The Referee:

We will need someone to track how many ships each side has lost, and to help speed the match along if it starts running too long (e.g. if both teams are turtling). I will be happy to take this role, and anyone else who wants to volunteer in the future is obviously welcome.


The ref will be in a Rail-fit Dominix stocking Warden Is (because that's the only BS I have on hand lol). They will keep track of how many ships have been lost on either side and give each side appropriate warnings when they are running low.


If the match has not been decided in 20 minutes, the Dominix will open fire with Railguns on both teams' FCs. If it has not been decided in 30 minutes, the Warden Is will start opening fire on each FC. The match should probably end soon after the 30 min mark.



1. The warp scramblers make sense, but why do some fits have warp disruptors? This is RvB space and we die like real men/women!

1A. There are disruptors because bouncing is allowed. It encourages people to take tackling seriously - if they let their target escape, they lost the chance to remove 1 ship from their enemy's pool.


2. Why no DPS cruisers?

2A. I want the FC role to be a strong force multiplier but also reliant on their team to win. DPS cruisers could conceivably just win a fight against frigates by themselves. It also exposes people to fighting with/against EWAR/Logi, which I think is a good thing.


3. How much time did you spend coming up with this?

3A. Like 2 days! The more I thought about it, the more excited I became ^_^


I'm pretty excited about this idea. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions. I'm happy to organize the entire event, including setting up the battlefield etc. I just need the ISK to fit out some of the ships :)

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BLT 12/08/17

12 Aug 2017

Post them losses!!

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wed 9/8/17 RvB Fight 20.00

09 Aug 2017

Post them losses!

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The Tourist Fleet

31 Jul 2017

Hello, some might remember me . .even if it is just as the local spam dude http://imgur.com/a/y5QIz


Well I'm back .. and one thing I liked to do was a tourist flet. Yepp we wil lgrab some fast frigs and zipp around new eden while you listen to the only true (well like all tourist guide for a variable amount of true) story of new eden. We will try to hit all newbie systems and other major  tourist spots (mission hubs, new eden gate). If I can get help from some haulers we might even stash some alpha noob friendly ships in the starter systems to give out, have littel demo fights and then zipp out again ..


How many would be in for it ?

My idea would be start this Saturday 19:00 EVE and be back by 21:00 Eve for RvB prime Night and regular events ...no long waiting for enemys, just chilling with my purple friends and maybe recruit some new ones

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Nitro vs Cp 21/06/2017 CLT

21 Jun 2017

Post them loses

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